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amircanda : My company is giving out Christmas Bonuses on gift cards this year rather than by check. Since my bonus is $2000+ I really would like to just put the money in my bank account. How can this be done?

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Bythindseitty : Depends on the rules and restrictions of the particular type of gift card they're giving you. Some can be used in ATMs just like regular debit cards, and you could withdraw the cash that way.
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Vordsmody : I get Visa gift cards every year for christmas. They do not have a cash back option you must use it on a purchase. Some brands work through an atm but as far as I am aware Visa is not one of them. All you have to do is read their policy that comes with the card.
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monyNotLy : it cant be done sorry
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MeggansFK : it cannot be done your company is really being dumb and mean. You are going to pay taxes get a card you do not want and pay fees every month the card is open. I am willing to bet they cut a deal with the issuer for a cut of the fees. If you pay to heat your house or some other bill that can be paid with CC prepay and wipe the balance in one charge so you do not get screwed by fees
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tevatriaday : I need to download matlab for a college class yet i'm too broke to buy it, thanks to tuition. I have downloaded the .iso file mounted it and ran the .exe file. I use Wine to run the .exe file since i am using a mac. Once the installation is complete then nothing happens. I cannot find the program, I cannot open any Matlab software. What am i doing wrong? Could somebody please help me. I would worship you if you could help me figure this out.

Thank you
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JanoNease : Windows 7 because it runs smooth, gives better performance and is more user-friendly.
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swojeksnik : There is only one computer operating system to even consider. Free Open Source Linux Operating System

Here is the reasons why
(1) it is the Fastest most advanced operating system here is, It's up dated every 3 months
(2) 1,339 developers world wide work on Linux Operating system everyday
(3) it's a real time operating system
(4) 169 of the worlds largest hardware manufactures support and develop it (Web link below)
(5) 493 of the top 500 worlds fastest computers run on Linux.
(6) Android is Linux.
(7) Every website server you use runs on Linux,
(8) Every bodies life depends on Linux everyday
(9) It's out of this world (Exploring the Universe and the surface of Mars)
(10) It's Free with over 43,600 plus Free professional Applications software packages

The worlds top IT companies that support and develop Free Linux operating system Click on About Us, Click on Members, It will open your eyes to why Free Linux is the worlds best Operating System

People say that Linux is relatively unknown. To them it is, but there are others Like myself that knows different
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Kerfruirl : Windows 7, Linux or OS X
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Reundediund : Instead of dual OS,i recommend you to upgrade the RAM to 8GB,Upgrade to an SSD,and use virtualbox from Windows 7 64 bit.
In that way you can have more than 2 OSes,but windows 7 is the master 'Host' OS.
You can load Solaris,ubuntu,fedora,crunchbang etc,what ever you like.You can even run 2 Virtual Machine simultaneously.For example you can allocate 3GB ram to each VM,and run both at the same tim,and the system still have 2GB of RAM to Use.
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