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arteflysealay : i wanna buy a prepaid card...but i dont want to fill a bunch of info to them just to add money to a card. i dont trust anything

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engescues : on it sites are good top links for decisions of your problem
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kartonnik : My fruity loops 10 seems to have a problem. When I open it,I can hear it through my headphones but other audio programs such as an mmo's sound plays through the speakers. It only recently started happening when I switched to Asio sound driver in fruity loops. Is there any way I can get both my game and FL Studio to play through the headphones without switching from the Asio driver?
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kissme2hy8 : I've googled this and only come up with some vague answers about buttons. Can anyone tell/link me a tutorial on what I'd have to do? It only needs to be basic :)
Thanks in advanced
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Cewayerep : i know how to use code but not to gr8 so explain please

thanks for any help

also without watermark would be good but if thats not possible then dont worry
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aliefique : go cal then add
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rolololcv : Here you go, just put the stuff from the lower window inbetween
<script type="text/javascript">
and </script>
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EpildKitillek : I was assigned to do a program about making airline seats reservation of maximum 20 seats. 1-8 for first class and 9-20 for economy. How can I do this?
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hamyarragma : Keep a list of all available seats - initially 1 to 20.

Ask customer of they want first or economy class seat.

Check if requested seat is available.

If available allocate seat and remove from available seat list.

If first class requested but non available offer economy.

Repeat until all seats filled or departure time arrives.

Are you required to use a particular programming language ?
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