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Dokycoort : I need it to shop from steam cos my mom wont let me to use her credit card . so, can i use master card, or visa?

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Appaniadutt : No you cannot. Unless you apply for one online and just lie about your age.
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Kecysypecrade : Sorry , the only credit card you can get is one of those you get at the grocery store , and pre load money on it
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FriendJames : No. You may get a prepaid debit card.
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europsSpoorma : if you become emancipated you can of course you will need a job
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LinuraGamtova : If you really need one but then be careful on how much you spend with it.
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ComprarViagraVN : New Federal law states you must either be 21-years of age minimum or have either proof of your income or a parent to co-sign.

Even then you must still be 18-years old to legally sign a contract.

So unless your talking about a prepaid card the answer is no.
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Shieclicy : Of course not.
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Musfoenue : I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro. The volume is not high enough for some NetFlix shows. I've tried everything Netflix and Microsoft recommend, multiple times, so don't tell me to delete the temporary files folder for Silverlight, because that doesn't work. I know these speakers will play louder, because they do for numerous other applications. I want a program that will let me boost the overall volume on my system, like maybe an equalizer that I can just manipulate the volume with. I don't want to pay for the damned program, as it should be a simple thing. I just bought "sound view" from the app store, and it doesn't do what I want. I'm not paying 9.99 for some equalizer program that might actually work, for a problem that shouldn't be a problem in the first place. Anyone know any good programs that are very cheap or free?
Additional info: Usually I just hook up external speakers to get around this problem, which only occurs with Netflix, but I am tired of having to do that, and I've had this problem for well over 6 months, researched it carefully, and put too much time into trying to fix it. At this point, I'd just like a program to get around the problem without actually fixing the problem.
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uncentre : Unfortunately, volume is a hardware issue, not software. The hardware can only do what it can do. There are amplification modifications for laptops that boost sound, that might be an options for you. Or, external speakers.
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