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Bookorbinna : it will direct you to the site you need to be at just as it would if it was text

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enzypsusy : I have been asking this question from the first time I read about it in w3schools. I know what it is (or I only think so).
For example the making of my own tags... why do I need this? Can't the tag just be written in HTML?
Yea, maybe you will answer "Because XMLs priority is the carrying information and the information itself and HTML's job is to make the content sweet for the eye..."

But can't we carry information in databases (Or even .txt files!) or maybe XML carries info better (he he, and how?) and who needs to know something is (for example) a letter (by making for example a <letter> XML tag). Don't we actually need the output. I think that the output is the priority. Everything we make with scripts and codes is actually for the output...dynamic or static it's always the output. Why do we need a (for example) <letter> tag to be around some text for the text to be a letter. It can only change the text the same way the HTML can do...

I won't make more examples ( and maybe make you lough at me for my stupidity), but I will ask (as I am very confused about XML) that your answer contain for example a project that can be done with XML but can't be done another way so I can understand after all why does XML even exist.

(I have been searching A LOT about this but there are only articles about what is XML but not it's actual position in real life... the life of the output.)
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eldemowerrorm : XML is advantageous because not only is it human readable but it's also machine readable. It has a specification that's agreed upon by many parties.That's where XML really shines. Since XML parsers are built into many programming languages, you can quickly retrieve and create information with XML.

A simple text (.txt) file would be less advantageous because depending on the way data is stored in the text file, it would require the programmer to create a custom parser function formatted to the specification of the text file format.

if I saved <foo> BAR </foo> as an XML, I can rest easy knowing that its structure allows it to be understood by many programming languages that can easily parse it with their built-in library.

The tree structure allows you to form relationships between different nodes:

In the above example, if I were to have hundreds of families in this XML, it would be easy to parse as I can loop through each family tree and group each child nodes (the family members) with their respective family.
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Roafjoydayfew : I was wondering about this, because my college professor says she has Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 version and later versions might not be able to read the file. I only have Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. So, will a PowerPoint 2007 version work on a PowerPoint 2003 program?
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lisi20zu : If you save it as a compatible format (.ppt), yes. By default, PowerPoint saves files with the .pptx extension, so be sure to change that when saving your presentation.

The other alternative is to get your professor to download a MS Office add-on that lets her read newer Office extensions, but I think the former is easier.

Also, do take note that if you use any of the new features of PowerPoint (such as animation that 2003 doesn't have), it will not appear in the 2003 version.
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ImmonyIrobosy : When you save your powerpoint presentation go to the office button and go to right arrow on the save as button. Choose save as Powerpoint 97-2003 format and it should work. =)
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ylmkskevmzx : reselling domains, How to sell my domains, Hostgator allow registering of unlimited domain names with one hosting account! Can I sell them all?
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envivekes : I have a code that stores data into a variable then sets a session with a md5 hash of the data, plus salt: (I use it to generate characters for captcha)

$code = strtoupper(substr(md5(uniqid(rand())), floor(rand(0,26)), 6));
$_SESSION['code'] = "1s3LK" . md5($code) . "aDB2";

echo $code;

On my localhost, the code returned is a 6 character code.
On my actual webhost (Hostgator), the code returned is the session data.

Is this a known issue, a problem with my code or should I contact my webhost to find out what is going on?

To counter it I have had to change the name of the session variable but I'd rather not do that!
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