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Latolalaype : I'm not looking to just make a screenshot, I want the .gif to loop in the background.

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Djoninsowdend : today i was playing games when all of sudden the electricity goes off in my whole house and my computer imediatly shut down. So after i turned it on it did some disk check, and now most programs will not open they get a system error saying some file is missing, i cant open google chrome, i did a system restore, restarted my computer. This happend all because of the power outage, this hapend before but my computer ran fine afterwards i dont know what happend now
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NemCrekseraseb : Was it plugged into a surge protector? If not, get one. As for the errors, back up anything important and try re -installing your operating system (or, you could just try re-installing the programs that won't work correctly).
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Rachel_Colorado : Well scan disk does tend to mess up the contents of disks.

If you suffer from power problems you really should think of getting a UPS.
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Prurbadeora : I just downloaded a program called "Snippy" so I can cut things.. I really have no idea, but am a self taught old fella.. Now I have tried my 1st cut and it says it should be in my Clipboard, now I have no idea where my Clipboard is and how to find it..
Here is Snippy :- http://www.bhelpuri.net/Snippy/default.htm

2nd - If this is not really a great Tool to you more advanced Computer people, could you recommend another Cutting Tool for me, with the website please..
Thanks for your time..
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lineevafe : Hi,
I have a Sony VAIO VGN - N38E with Windows Vista..i have had it now for 3 years and its become sooooo slow to start up when i switch it on and slow on loading things up. Its battery life has also become very poor - it switches off after being unplugged from the charger after 5mins!! The bar at the bottom of the screen (where the start buttton is...) dont even work sometimes so when i minimise stuff I cant get it back up.

Now what is wrong with my computer??is it a virus??but i have scanned it with various antivirus programmes and nothing. what should i do and who can i consult to increase its RAM speed and what should i do with its battery life? and how much do these roughly cost? is it better to buy a new computer?

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Guanoattipt : Try backing up your files onto a disc, only your important files, when you have your important files on disc and ONLY important ones system restore your computer to factory setting install everything saved onto your disc onto the computer it should be progressively faster. goodluck :)
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Creweemaima : i know u can link pictures and texts with the <a href tag. but i want to link several images to the same url using CSS [or javascript (preffered: CSS)]. i want to use the "title" in bulk too. Please help me.
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Slolcadly : Give the images a class name, and use JavaScript to give those elements with that given class name a parent anchor link. -- http://jsfiddle.net/PmLhQ/
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