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Jeojeryceby : While I am using my computer, my internet randomly stops working about once a day, but my router is still on and all the correct lights are flashing, Also, any browser or program that's using the internet at the moment stays on, but when you close that program and try to open a new one, it says that it is not connected to the internet.
For example, I always have yahoo messenger minimized, and firefox, google chrome, etc will all stop working, but I can still use on yahoo messenger or any other program that is open, like an online game.
To fix this problem I have to restart y router, and currently this is the only fix I know to this problem.
My internet provider is Surewest, please help!

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dyelommaccelp : I would love to help you but i cannot, i have never dealt with a situation like this, Although i do have a problem with my computer - it doesnt detect the internet and i've had to reset my router to. I think your best luck is to reset your router when it happens until you find help to fix it.
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chuyun4841 : I'm not really aware on how I'm supposed to go about doing this, but I'd really appreciate if someone could give me a code to either (or both) of those sites. Thank you!
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kinomann : You don't. No one gives it away. You have to know someone who invites you.
It looks bad on the person if they invite is a leecher. (not saying you are) but you get my point. Inviting random person who you don't know causes issues for the person invited.

Once a year they open up for new memebers. You will have to join a watch list site for that day. Which notifies you when. Those sites aren't affiliated with either one, but tell you when registrations open up.
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MapleMorohaip : there's this awesome tech blog which gives demonoid invites for free
open this blog and comment on the article fresh demonoid invites
he'll give u a demoinoid invite in seconds
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Cicelypalagonia4 : To travel around India for 1 month. I'd like to fly to goa then get the train up north to Mumbai. Is100000 rupee enough for accommodation, food, rail expenses. It will be on National travel card which I can withdraw from a cash machine
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Jeojeryceby : Is it a good time to have cash in the bank in preference to owning stocks?
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toribhibbleri : Equity Method for Stock Investment with Loss

On January 10, 2012, Badger Co. purchased 25% of the outstanding stock of Crest Co. for $189,000. Crest paid total dividend to all shareholders of $24,600 on July 15. Crest had a net loss of $37,800 for 2012.

a. Journalize Badger's purchase of the stock, receipt of dividend, and adjusting entry for the equity loss in Crest Co. stock.

I was able to figure this out

2012 Jan. 10
DR Investment in Bonds 189,000
CR Cash 189,000

2012 July 15
DR Cash 6,150
CR Investment in Bonds 6,150

2012 Dec.31
DR Loss of Crest Co. 9,450
CR Investment in Bonds 9,450

b. Compute the balance of Investment in Crest Co. Stock for December 31, 2012.
I don't get exactly how to do this

c.How does valuing an investment under the equity method differ from valuing an investment at fair value?
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