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AssultimurA : I only have word and note pad and limited of time, can anyone help me download a free program to make a brochure? its for school please full points I promise.

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Wourryallebra : Go to and download that, which is effectively the same thing as Microsoft word, for free. Once you've got that installed, paste into your browser URL bar to download a trifold brochure template for open office. Hope this helps.
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ZobNeremono : Hi,
I am new in using NetBeans
I want to ask how to put the image in project so I can use the image wherever my application is.
I use the codes below to put image in my application
img = new ImageIcon("C:\\Users\\owner\\Desktop\\prison1.jpg");
lblImg = new JLabel();

And I think how if I run my application in the other computer? The image source/path will be different right? And the images of course can not be found ...
How to put image in my project so the images will be kept and can be shown wherever I run my application?
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y8es6sho0v : Create an image folder somewhere inside the project folder, and use Class.getResource("<path relative to root dir>") to get the URL to a particular image. Send that URL to the ImageIcon constructor.

In Netbeans, suppose I create a project called "ImageProj," and I create a new folder inside ImageProj called "image." This folder is the sibling of the src folder. I place my images inside the image folder. My programming statement is:


By using relative paths, your application will work on all computers, as long as the folder/jar structure is maintained.
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Ugg53503 : Change all my phone numbers and keep a lawyer on retainer.
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DrAmbrroose : I'll redistribute it by living extravagantly, so people can be employed providing me with goods and services.
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victoriaeannyD : I will be kidnapped before I get that spent.
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Pyncsheence : Buy my own mansion buy my mum a mansion as a way of saying thank u. do some travelling buy a hell awesome computer and quit work.
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gtgz00075 : Pay off some loans and debts.
Buy some cool things.
Donate the rest to a children's hospital
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covaGrooppy : buy a mansion, latest technology, donate to charity and poor people around the world, pay off all my loans and buy my parents mansions and everything, as they have done a lot for me. To Be Honest, 100 million is a lot of cash, and i would not spend it all, but save it and live my life to the fullest. :)
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