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ExannaMaf : ***Use int array values of size 5 and enter the values using a function fillArray().
***Use a function (arrayAVG) to find and return the average of an array values.

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Fecregree : Ok... so what is your question?
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ugg675o : fillarray(int arr[10],int n)
for(int i=0i<n;i++)
arrayavg(int arr[10],int n)
int sum=0;
for(int i=0;i<n;i++)
return (sum/n);

better try to do program yourself.....
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ExannaMaf : need help how would you write this in java using simple code and 3 to 4 loops an application that inputs ten numbers from the user, each number can be between 10 and 100, inclusive. As each number is read in determine if it is a number already entered. If it is a duplicate move on to the next number, if it is unique store the number in the array. After all ten numbers have been entered display the complete set of unique numbers that were entered.
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TrurlNismmish : import java.util.*;
class Example
Scanner sc=new Scanner(;
void fn()
int ar[]=new int[91];
int i;
int n;
System.out.println("Enter a number");
int rem;
int array[]=new int[10];
while(n<10 || n>100)
System.out.println("Wrong number ");
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Jeromenoblejl : I've read some articles on the whole debacle over at Work from Home scams and I'm scared to dive into this hell but I don't really have a choice. The government isn't giving enough to live on and if I don't start bringing in some cash, I'll be homeless by Christmas if not sooner. To make matters worse is that I have health issues that prevent me from traveling or working at a work station (whether it be cubicle or cash register) for the majority of the day and ODSP has denied me disability.

Also, I've read some of the old answers and before it's suggested, running my own home business is not an option for I have no money to put toward it. None.

What I need, is a CANADIAN BASED at home job that will get me some quick income (doesn't need to be amazing just steady and more than $200 a month,) and won't ask me to pay for any "starter kits." I also will not give my email address to any sites that ask for my email before telling me what it is I need to do for the job or video tips. (I mean, if the information is free, why not just post it on youtube or on the site itself? Why do they need my email?) Also, if you can't post the help site here, PM it to me.

I'm also very wary because a lot of these answers I've seen seem fake. If the site you're going to recommend has really helped you, tell me exactly how it did that, how long it took, why you're still with it or have left, etc. Make me believe you.

Sorry if I seem paranoid but I'm desperate and don't want to be taken for a fool.
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SkipSnuntee : I can see that you write very well. For you, I would recommend blogging about anything that interests you. Then, attempt to secure advertisers for your website.

It shouldn't cost you anything, and if you manage it properly, you should generate a few hundred dollars per month after a few weeks.
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Higinhinocumn : I was at a grocery store and found a gift card on the check writing horizontal at the checkout. It was just a plain jane gift card that did not have a Visa logo or anything. It did not have a name on it. The back said it was same as cash and would not be replaced if lost.

Then I wondered as I left the store whether or not I could get in trouble for taking a gift card even though I found it. It's like finding a token card at a video arcade. Finders keepers. But, now I'm imagining the SWAT showing up to my house and megaphoning in my yard to come out with my hands up and relinquish the gift card.. .. Or imagining a surveillance camera image of me on the evening news asking my community to call a tip line if they have any information on the individual seen in the footage.

So, what does one do and is it wrong to take ownership of a gift card you find?
I did use it to make a 5 dollar purchase of a greeting card telling to cashier to try it but I wasn't sure it had anything on it.
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Aredaqueerb : What moral issues you must endure... that is between you and the little voice in your head. Obviously yours has a strong voice and keeps you in check. No wonder you are imagining the SWAT team coming after you with a megaphone, etc.

What you found there can't be traced back to it's rightful owner and yes, it is up for grabs. There are no legal ramifications for using up the funds on the card. It can not be traced back to you unless you decide to register the card in your name and address before you use the rest of the funds. Even then chances are the rightful owner of the card never wrote down the card number etc. so doesn't have a way to trace it's short life in the financial computers.

There is right and there is wrong... and your conscience is telling you it is wrong. Not because it can't be traced back to you, etc. but because it is somebody else's property and you were conditioned to know the difference between right and wrong.
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taroPlalk : Call the police and the store manager. Tell them your name and number. If anyone reports it lost in 6 months, fork it over plus the 5.00 you took. Don&#x27;t mention you charged 5.00 on it unless you give it back to the customer.

Then after 6 months consider it yours if the customer hasn&#x27;t cancelled the card.

It may be considered cash, but taking and spending it isn&#x27;t right without a chance for them to get it back first.
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