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flusetlegmect : Now I DO have a connection to the router in the school, yet I am not able to retrieve the information of the router, client id, dns, and search domains on my ipod touch 2nd generation. I KNOW that others are able to get it due to the fact they have steady flow of code going through the connection, yet Im not able to send or recieve anything. There is a private and a public connection, both which I can obtain the connection yet not retrieve the information or send code through the schools internet connection. I am pretty sure its a 2.4ghz router, and didnt know if that was the issue due to the lack of updates in the 2nd generation ipod touch. If anyone has any ideas on how to retrieve the router number or the other information let me know. I am not able to get to the schools information or the router, just the ipod touch. also if anyone knows how to extend through the connection leave a comment, thanks.

sorry this was written fast
I have tried entering in the gateway ip, the subnet, even the search domains and client id, but it isnt able to recognize. Obviously the ipod touch isnt designed to have an ip put directly into the search and find it as to they only give you the network's, so dont really know how to get it to search for the router either... any other suggestions? I know it is a dhcp server and i have all the ips, subnet masks, etc.

just dont know how to apply it to find the network

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SkipSnuntee : use personal hotspot on your phone, some carriers charge for it, but some have it free
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UnesyHekances : get somebody else to give you the gateway ip, subnet, and try to figure out what you could use for an ip address based on what theirs is
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ImareeLaw : ok i have 2 buttons:


now in the actionscript i typed:

button1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, mouseDownHandler);
function mouseDownHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {
button2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, mouseDownHandler);
function mouseDownHandler2(event:MouseEvent):void {

PROBLEM: button1 goes to frame 4. however so does button2. and vice-versa if i switch order of buttons. i need help from someone who knows flash.

additional info:

using Flash CS5.5
project is using AIR 2.6 for iOS

btw in the code it should be CLICK not CL.. yahoo answers is processing it wrong...
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ImmonyIrobosy : in button2.addEvenListener() you set mouseDownHandler as the event listener, I believe you meant mouseDownHandler2
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tredtieda : Can a cash machine record video of who's taking money out? In UK
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mjohne : Yeah they have definately cams.
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mapesmootte : Yes they have cameras in them also for every ATM that is built there must be a CCTV camera viewing it within at least 45 feet. The built in cameras only view the faces, not the keypad.
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EMPIPSADVERSE : Just researching on the process of opening up a corner shop. How much would it roughly cost (I know that depends a lot on the location and size of the store), where would you buy stock, what legal documents do you need etc. Thanks!
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JedoLuddy : Just take all your cash out of the Bank and have a nice bonfire ... it will be a lot more fun and save you from years of stress, disappointment and heartache ... plus it will avoid you getting into unsustainable debt & loosing your home ...

'Corner shops' are dead .. there's nothing they sell that can't be found in the Supermarket, 99p Stores (or ordered from ebay at half the price with free postage from China)..

Go for a walk down your own High Street .. you will see Charity Shops, 99p Stores, Coffee 'shops', Opticians, Mobile Phone shops, discount cloths / chemists / card shops etc. and (fast) food places ...

.. whilst Newsagents may survive (if they double up as a sub-post office), your local 'convenience' shop is being replaced by 'Tesco locals'

Some 'specialist' stores may survive (pet / garden / DIY stores) .. but the 'general corner shop' has had it's day, along with 'Department Stores' and the likes of Woolworth's & Jessops (and, I predict Dixon's, PC World, Boots and similar) ...
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