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YHrobertWG : ul.approve-icons, li.approve-icon {

please note {} bracket placement and rule validity.

IMG_ICON_POST_APPROVE_WIDTH and IMG_ICON_POST_APPROVE_HEIGHT variables will attain data (in this case numbers only) from an XML file

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nenjuisyner : No, not correct.

Try making the following change:

px; }
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coaplyCap : ul.approve-icons, li.approve-icon {

If something like this is what you mean then it is correct.

ul.approve-icons, li.approve-icon {
width: 100px;
height: 100px;
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dwerrosseliem : I need to made a countdown timer with the date Sep. 6, 2011, but i need the hour output to be in between 0 -23 and the minute/seconds output to be in the 0-59 range instead of the total. Please help thanks.

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.util.Calendar;

public class ShowTil extends JApplet
// Instance variables
private Calendar nowCal; // Stores this instant
private Calendar StartDate; // Stores start of the year
private Timer oneSec; // Timer fires once a second
private Font bigFont; // A larger font to display
private boolean firstPaint; // True until paint has been called

// Constants

private final int DELAY = 500;
private final int MILLI_PER_SEC = 1000;

int year = 2011;
int month = 8; //September
int date = 5;
int hour = 0;
int minute = 0;

* Called by the browser or applet viewer to inform this JApplet
* that it has been loaded into the system. It is always called
* before the first time that the start method is called.
public void init()
// Initialize the listener
oneSec = new Timer(DELAY, new ClockListener());
// Get an instance of a Calendar to set.
StartDate = Calendar.getInstance();

StartDate.set(Calendar.YEAR, year);
StartDate.set(Calendar.MONTH, month);
StartDate.set(Calendar.DATE, date);
StartDate.set(Calendar.HOUR, hour);
StartDate.set(Calendar.MINUTE, minute);

firstPaint = true;

* Called by the browser or applet viewer to inform this JApplet that
* it should start its execution. It is called after the init method
* and each time the JApplet is revisited in a Web page.
public void start()

* Called by the browser or applet viewer to inform this JApplet that
* it should stop its execution. It is called when the Web page that
* contains this JApplet has been replaced by another page, and also
* just before the JApplet is to be destroyed.
public void stop()

* Paint method for applet.
* @param g the Graphics object for this applet
public void paint(Graphics g)

nowCal = Calendar.getInstance();
long calc = StartDate.getTimeInMillis() - nowCal.getTimeInMillis();

long day = (StartDate.getTimeInMillis() - nowCal.getTimeInMillis()) / 86400000;
long hour = ((StartDate.getTimeInMillis() - nowCal.getTimeInMillis()) - day) / 3600000 ;
long min = ((StartDate.getTimeInMillis() - nowCal.getTimeInMillis()) - day - hour) / 60000;
long sec = ((StartDate.getTimeInMillis() - nowCal.getTimeInMillis()) - day - hour - min) / 1000;

if(firstPaint) {

firstPaint = false;

Font defFont = g.getFont();

bigFont = defFont.deriveFont((float)(1.4*defFont.getSize()));


g.fillRect(0, 0, 700, 700);

String timeString1 = "Days Remaining:" +" "+ day;
g.drawString(timeString1, 20, 150);
String timeString2 = "Hours Remaining:" +" "+ hour;
g.drawString(timeString2, 20, 200);
String timeString3 = "Minutes Remaining:" +" "+ min;
g.drawString(timeString3, 20, 250);
String timeString4 = "Seconds Remaining:" +" "+ sec;
g.drawString(timeString4, 20, 300);
String timeString5 = "Until the Start of Fall Quarter on September 6, 2011";
g.drawString(timeString5, 20, 350);


private class ClockListener implements ActionListener
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event)
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mokundegrc : Just like Credit cards provide annual rebates on the amount of spending. Is it true thet some of the brokers are now starting to give annual credit for the brokerage fee charged during the year. I came to know partially this from some chatter about TD Ameritrade, Etrade, Fidelity and Tradeking. And want to confirm if any one is receiving them. Aas the brokerage companies are tired of customer switching the companies every year between them and also taking huge cash with them.
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Cicelypalagonia4 : To travel around India for 1 month. I'd like to fly to goa then get the train up north to Mumbai. Is100000 rupee enough for accommodation, food, rail expenses. It will be on National travel card which I can withdraw from a cash machine
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Allolacib : ok so ive already paid my last month rent and i have a recipt from my mom when she lent me the cash to move in saying first and last months rent on it... can my landlord come to where i work at ask about it? is this even legal?
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csyez020 : Yes, they can.
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mbtskosalg : They can try, and you can refuse to see them while you are working. Ask them to set up an appointment with you. Then be sure to keep it.
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