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glubalpcrulge : There's this website with an annoying looping youtube video in a 1x1 frame that I'd like muted at least, if not blocked. I can't edit the source code, but I hear you can block flash using javascript directly in your browser, I'm wondering if there's any truth to that.


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YHrobertWG : Hey everyone,

I am trying to figure out how to change the ordinary bullets that HTML shows to a specific image (a checkmark) that I have. I'm currently using Wordpress for the website's CMS.

I am guessing that there's some sort of CSS file or the like that needs to have a piece of code added to it referencing the image, but I don't know which file, what location within the file, or the piece of code that I should use to do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if someone could provide the code to make the list appear with extra space in between each line, I woudl also really appreciate the help. Thanks!
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Fbnolorfgd : ok, my reason for needing the extra cash: fixing and/or replacing my iPhone 5 (cracked screen)

Usually My Mom would have everything covered since she spoils me, but even hours before she announced the sad news that she couldn't afford to fix my phone I knew the sad truth. She already spent a good chunk on back to school stuff and that dang friggin car that was not needed just yet, but still greatly appreciated. The money she could spend on the phone instead needs to be spent towards Driver's Ed and Halloween (since I am pretty serious about that holiday). Knowing that she is a dead end and my Dad is no longer with us (don't ask), I knew I had to take things into my own hands.

I honestly don't want to have to wait around til christmas for a new phone that doesn't have a cracked screen with glass shards coming off everytime I touch it. I'm honestly scared I'm gonna forget to clean off the glass peices on my fingers and like, blind myself or something. The only thing I can really count on her for when it comes to my phones situation is getting a protective sheet whatever-it's-called-thingy to smooth out the surface so I don't keep getting those shards and stuff. I just dropped it today, ok.

So yeah, I need to raise roughly around 145$ I think it was. There's only so much insurance can cover apparently. I am 15 and half years old. Driver's Ed ends next week, so I should have a little freetime.

My strengths-I'm generally a very creative mind. I like to write stories and fanfiction, I'm into music, I do write songs, and my art skills are self-taught though pretty amateur. I'm also a pretty analytical thinker and I tend to excel in things like philosophy and psychology. I also excel in one class at my alternative high school called "The Math of Games", where we construct strategies and discuss inductive and deductive thinking. I also have an eye for design, since I am a fashion obsessed teenage girl. I do get praised here and there for my outfit combinations, since I know how to piece certain articles of clothing together and what looks good with what. I'm pretty good with kids, since I do volunteer at an elementary school and generally get along well with younger children. Physically, I'm somewhat strong for my small size, but only a little. I have done yardwork before though.

Weaknesses- I am just so stubborn when it comes to what I wear. Even though I live in Seattle and it tends to rain alot and get kinda cold, you will never ever catch me in sneakers, jeans or a marshmallow coat. Ever. Heck, you wont catch me dead in any flat shoes. I'm all high heels. That and skirts; the general being on the shorter side though i'm not afraid of adding length. Nor am I of showing a little bit of cleavage. I dunno, something psychologically gives me discomfort in what is supposed to be comfortable clothing. I have nothing against jeggings and jackets though. I also do not do well at all with being yelled at. done. I have serious anxiety issues, concerning I do have Asperger's Syndrome and all. I'm also a bit clumsy (how do you think my phone got cracked?) and I got a short attention span. And don't bother listing some fast food joint. Grease doesn't smell too good and my skin is oily enough as it is.

I have considered trying out babysitting, though i'm a bit unsure about that since I somewhat doubt any parent would take in someone who dresses the way I do. Another option I've thought of is selling things online; though anytime i've tried to get rid of anything in my house Mom just acts like a hoarder and hogs it; anything I did manage to get rid of I had to fight tooth and nail for. Mom keep suggesting that I make something and sell it online, but I doubt i'd be able to create any tangible item worth selling since most of what I do merely exists in the virtual world such as fanfiction and mediocre fan art. Mom also hinks as a career I should go into beauty school for nail art, but that's years away. I need my 145 kinda more now. Im not even that good at nail art right now. I tend to ding the paint and pick everything off.

I've rambled long enough. But yeah, any suggestions you think might suit me?
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juniperex : Hello,
It seems like your age is keeping you away from getting a job and earn a steady salary, I suggest that you become an entrepreneur and start to offer services such as tutoring other students for instance, tutoring younger kids or you could open an online store and start selling on eBay.
When I was your age, I opened a shop on eBay and now am generating a good amount of income each month to pay off the money I owe to my college.
You would be developing a lot of skills along the way.
I hope this helps and best of luck in your endeavors.
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Objedribe : You shouldn't be so worried for an Iphone..
Anyway I think babysitting can be the solution.

Or white lies to parents.. "I have to go in London for two days with my friend.. help me please"

Do not take to much risk for an Iphone!!

hope this helps
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DrAmbrroose : I'll redistribute it by living extravagantly, so people can be employed providing me with goods and services.
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victoriaeannyD : I will be kidnapped before I get that spent.
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Pyncsheence : Buy my own mansion buy my mum a mansion as a way of saying thank u. do some travelling buy a hell awesome computer and quit work.
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gtgz00075 : Pay off some loans and debts.
Buy some cool things.
Donate the rest to a children's hospital
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covaGrooppy : buy a mansion, latest technology, donate to charity and poor people around the world, pay off all my loans and buy my parents mansions and everything, as they have done a lot for me. To Be Honest, 100 million is a lot of cash, and i would not spend it all, but save it and live my life to the fullest. :)
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