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NampDeemid : *
its a rhombus type pattern.....plz help with java code.

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dsyez001 : class Example
public void fn()
int i,j,cn=1;
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theonlinepharmacist : Right so I am struggling to work out a theme code so I can have my posts in the center of the page, and then have a column either side of these posts where I can put information in.
For instance;
the left column (1st one) I could have stuff with a brief overview of me.
the center (wider 2nd column) would be for posts
and the right (3rd columb) would also be like information but maybe credits and that

I want the first and third columns to be fully customizable with my own information/ colours/ fonts/ images, HTML tables etc, as I want the whole page to be easily customisable through HTML.

Can anyone help me on how to do it? :(
So so so grateful to anyone who can; I will give promotion to you on Tumblr if you can help! Thankyou so much! xx
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Rachel_Colorado : I just got a bank account and realized my bank isn't open today. I need to get some money out any ideas? All I have currently are starter checks
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Chesforse : use your ATM card
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Reittyengewem : All you have to do is call Walmart's customer service and ask them.
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Faceblate : Instructions
Show the computation of the amount of revenue that should be reported
on the income statement. (based on Accrual basis & cash basis)
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theomarttesi : Ok so this showed up on our practice exam and neither I nor my peers can figure it out. It looks simple but I don't know what to plug where. Any help is appreciated!

4. Mike Scott is looking for an investment opportunity to pursue. He is considering the purchase
of a small paper company. The current owners are asking $3,000,000 for the company and have disclosed that the current year’s cash flow was $150,000. Mike has decided that he would need a 10% return for a venture of this risk. Assuming a 3% inflation rate, what is the actual return on the investment?

A. 7.1%

B. 7.9%

C. 8.76%

D. 9.26%

E. 8.15%

Thank you!
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