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hiegululnenny : Hello,

I am new to blogging using blogger. I recently created a blog button, along with a text box to go with it so that others can grab my button. The link went through- because the text box is there. The only problem is I can't see the button! I use Safari on my MacBook, so I'm not sure if the problem is only the browser that I'm using. What displays is simply a little blue box with a question mark, instead of the button I designed. I know that the code that I'm using works, because when I click on the blue box with the question mark it DOES bring me to my blog, which is right. I'd just like to see my image! Is there anything that I can do?

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Fotaanits : I had a facebook account for 3 weeks, 6 months ago. I deleted the account, though not "permanently" as I had a choice to do so on a temporary basis. Somehow, the account is active, and it pops up when I google my name. So I'm trying to log in to my account, so that I can permanently delete it. What I am able to do is to log in by using my email address and password, but then there is another step, for security reasons, and a code is being sent to my OLD mobile phone number. If I could get that code, I would be able to manage the account. I have called the person with that phone number, but he refuses to give me that code, which has been texted to him! I need to get rid of the account, because for some odd reason, it has posted all the pictures and text that I had deleted even during the time I had the account for the short time. Please help! There is no customer support with Facebook!!
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abigeodia : When you typed the wrong password, it should have a ''forgot password'' thing to let you click on. So if you click on that they will send you a link to your email so you can change your password.
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Turammapeax : I'm only purchasing $20 worth of stuff but I would still like to know beforehand. Thank you.
What I mean is whether the taxes can be paid with the store credit or if I have to pay the tax with cash. Sorry for any confusion.
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lizatteda : Yes you still have to pay for taxes if using the powerup awards card was tax free everyone will have one and gamestop will go out of business
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Jeromenoblejl : I've read some articles on the whole debacle over at Work from Home scams and I'm scared to dive into this hell but I don't really have a choice. The government isn't giving enough to live on and if I don't start bringing in some cash, I'll be homeless by Christmas if not sooner. To make matters worse is that I have health issues that prevent me from traveling or working at a work station (whether it be cubicle or cash register) for the majority of the day and ODSP has denied me disability.

Also, I've read some of the old answers and before it's suggested, running my own home business is not an option for I have no money to put toward it. None.

What I need, is a CANADIAN BASED at home job that will get me some quick income (doesn't need to be amazing just steady and more than $200 a month,) and won't ask me to pay for any "starter kits." I also will not give my email address to any sites that ask for my email before telling me what it is I need to do for the job or video tips. (I mean, if the information is free, why not just post it on youtube or on the site itself? Why do they need my email?) Also, if you can't post the help site here, PM it to me.

I'm also very wary because a lot of these answers I've seen seem fake. If the site you're going to recommend has really helped you, tell me exactly how it did that, how long it took, why you're still with it or have left, etc. Make me believe you.

Sorry if I seem paranoid but I'm desperate and don't want to be taken for a fool.
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SkipSnuntee : I can see that you write very well. For you, I would recommend blogging about anything that interests you. Then, attempt to secure advertisers for your website.

It shouldn't cost you anything, and if you manage it properly, you should generate a few hundred dollars per month after a few weeks.
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daunkwoorousa : So we live in BC, CANADA, and my boyfriend and I need a $3500 loan taken out in his name. He is 22 and owns a car worth $4000. He has OKAY credit. He also works as a delivery driver, so he gets paid in cash each time. And every time we apply for a loan, it states to put whether you get paid by check or electronically so we don't know what to put or if being paid by cash even qualifies since he doesn't get pay stubs. We've tried to take out a car title loan and they all seem to only loan you up to 50% of the black book value of the car. Does anybody have any advice or suggestions as to how we can get this loan of $3500? Any companies that could help us? Thanks!
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Jeniferxfs, : Most personal loans went out of business 20 years ago unless you have collateral to back it up
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