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nhedukoc : Ok, I've tried to google this in through almost any possible angle with no luck what so ever...

I am not able to access the codejunkies server, thorough ANY means.

Firefox give me a "Connection Reset" message, and Chrome and IE give me similar results.

My Action Replay DS Code Manager Can't access CJ either, whether to load codes or to update.

I need to update my Action Replay's Firmware, but can't because of this. Any help?
Note: I've checked my firewall, and checked for viruses, and pretty much every conventional solution that google popped out, and still nothing.
shutting down my firewall/antivirus didn't work either
If anything else, could someone please give me a direct download link to the 1.71 firmware update that's NOT from the codejunkies webapge since I can't access it?
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cooffcoasoli : Shut down your firewall and anti-virus programs. See if that helps.
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EricRU : are you using a router ?.. try connecting directly to the modem if you are

have you tried a different browser ?

try turning all your internet security off and see if it comes on, including your firewall

have you tried resetting your modem ?

have you tried clearing the cache, cookie, download history etc etc of your browser ?

just a few things it could be, no guarantees
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maxussynk : I Want To Learn How To Put More Space On My Flash Drive
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knbcdzz802 : Not that I am aware of. It's not a software problem. It's a hardware problem.
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DubsLoorb : Without physically replacing the actual chips, you can't space isn't configured via software, it is all hardware
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Edillcelf : You can't
There is as much space as there are Flash NAND chips. No software hack will increase that. You can hack software so that it -reports- that it has more space, but that doesn't give it more actual space. You see this with counterfeit flash and USB sticks from fraudulent sellers, who hack a 512 MB memory to say it is 32 GB and stick a 32 GB label on it

There may be a hidden partition with software in it that the manufacturer put there. Try repartitioning the drive.

If the flash drive incorporates over-provisioning - that is, setting aside some of the memory cells to be used as substitutes when some of the cells on the drive start failing - theoretically you could reprogram the controller to eliminate the overprovisioned area and add that back into the main storage pool. That would be a very bad idea.
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Wropoulkili : So I need about 3grand for a trip I'm going on during summer...
I'm 14 and my parents said they'd cover up to half of it but I need to pay the rest..or MORE
Here is some background on me/ the common money makers:

Babysitting; I don't get many clients bcuz I've got older siblings who can drive

I have about 6 months til I need the full 3 grand ... My part of 1500... Or MORE

I work hard
I'm NOT going to do online things cuz those are 99% of the time scams

I love animals but like I said above it's the whole sitch of older driving siblings

I live in more of a secluded area so I can't go around and asking neighbors for money or that kind of thing....

Along with the whole trip $$$
The holidays are coming up so I need a bit of cash for that-- but not much I have some things figured out for that...

Thank you sooo much!!

Best or most ideas gets 10 points!!!
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Icecrepay : Yes
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aculsosysat : How do i know how much return i am getting without looking at the balance?
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