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SkipSnuntee : I'm making a simple start screen for my freind's game, in Java. I need the start button o run the code of his game, which he will add later.

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SkipSnuntee : my computer isn't working properly it got infected with a virus about a week ago it was the one that says its the fake windows security program and ever since then it has been shutting down and restarting automatically and it is only working in safe mode.i have been doing virus and malware scans and got rid of them but it still shuts off automatically i have also done system restores which did help for like a day but then it just started turning off automatically i was wandering how i could fix this i was thinking i should just wipe the hard drive and re install windows but just wandering if there is another way to fix this.
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Gymnmoopamb : the same thing happened to my laptop!
i had to completely wipe it & reinstall windows. :/
sucks, but its like having a brand new computer!
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olgabuzova : It sounds like the malware has totally screwed the registry and it making things very unstable. I would highlyyy recommend a reinstall of windows. It doesn't take that long the only annoying part is just reinstalling all the programs and downloading drivers/programs etc. but it's worth it for the stability and having a 'clean slate'.
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frontru : the shutting down is not because of virus ..... actually i think its because of heating up of your CPU
check your fan does it work properly ?
or just get it repaired .....
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OBvallie : I work at a college in admissions, will renew my real estate license and do some freelance work for a magazine.

I realize to keep my time and mind occupied and to earn money to purchase and pay cash for a car, I need to have at least of few occupations...then my mind will be set on being successful instead of not having someone to love or who loves me back.
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zakladykliczko : You need to report it stolen now or they will take all your money and not get caught. Really you should have done it last night!
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coachoutletolkc : Ring the bank and get them to block your account. Keeping your PIN with the card is a really no-no, never do that again. Unfortunately because you did that you will be liable for any money taken from your account.
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tireargueme : Ring the bank and the police.

You need to get on with it - the bank won't cover you for losses where you have not protected your pin number (and you didn't protect it), so you need to get the card stopped asap.

They won't be caught - even if cash machines had cameras (few do), thieves aren't that daft - a hoodie and scarf is all that's needed...
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SEO_optimalizace_webu : As already said you should have already reported this to the bank.
You admit keeping your PIN with the card and so any monies 'stolen' from your account will be your fault/your liability.
NEVER keep your PIN with your cards.
As for all your worry about cameras at ATMs yes there are cameras and police have in the past proved who withdrew money so there is a good chance they will be able to see who may have used your card. Though as already mentioned, thieves are not stupid and cover themselves up for the camera. Police have also on occasion been able to show that the card holder used the card prior to claiming it was stolen so sometimes the cameras have been of use in a case like this.
You just have to hope if your card has been used that it was an idiot who used it and allowed their face to be seen.
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