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nesbitt379 : hi

I have an exam coming up in a few days, could someone please help me with a question in a exam paper from last year ( I dont think my answers are correct) ?

public class Rectangle {

public Rectanagle (int height, int width)

lenght = height;
breadth = width;

public void readDetails(){
//reads in the lenght and breadth

public double getArea(){
return area;
} //end rectangle


(a) Create and initialise a Rectangle object with height = 10 and width = 20 ?

(b) Write java code to complete method readDetails() ?

My answers are -

(a) Rectangle R1 = new Rectangle (10,20);

(b) public void readDetails(){
lenght = 10;
breadth = 20;

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inogyPieniCic : The class has some errors in it, for instance the lenght and breadth variables are not initialized, there should be:

int length; int breadth;

Right after the "public class Rectangle{ " line...

As for the question:
(a) Correct.
(b) No that's not it, what is the function supposed to do exactly? if it's supposed to print the details then it should be:

public void readDetails(){
........System.out.println("Width is: "+length):
........System.out.println("Height is: "+breadth):

But it's hard to understand just from the method name (readDetails) what it's supposed to do...
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Unfoniornanub : I created a file on my computer, Word 2007, with drop-down lists and saved it as a .dotm file to make everything work. Now I need to send it to a computer with Word XP. When I try to open my file it asks what program created it. I chose Word but it still opens with only boxes and symbols.

Please help me figure out how to make this work! I have tried both emailing the file and saving it to our network.

Thank you for your help!
The other computer has Office but it's an older version. Mine is 2007 and his is XP. Does that help?
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WronryCok : For FREE advice on all of those questions and problems relating to the computor go to the link below, select computing then scroll down where you will find the relative answer
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Quamserorse : Ok, its easy, it means that the other computer does not have Microsoft office then right? else it will not ask you this!
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optixElena : Determine net cash provided by operating activities under each approach. Assume that all sales were on a cash basis and that income taxes and operating expenses, other than depreciation, were on a cash basis.

using the lifo/fifo my net income was, 23322 for lifo, and 29601 for fifo

First column is lifo, second is fifo.
I need net cash provided by operating activities for both.

Sales revenue$96,000$96,000
Cost of goods sold32,10023,000
Operating expenses (including depreciation)30,10030,100
Cash paid for inventory purchases37,10037,100
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tredtieda : Can a cash machine record video of who's taking money out? In UK
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mjohne : Yeah they have definately cams.
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mapesmootte : Yes they have cameras in them also for every ATM that is built there must be a CCTV camera viewing it within at least 45 feet. The built in cameras only view the faces, not the keypad.
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IsombDumNub : My uncle charges to do people's taxes. He offered to do mine, which I hadn't done for three years, for free.

I'm suppossed to get money back, but I'm not sure how much. When I get my refund I want to give him a gift because I know he won't take cash from me.

Approximately how much would I have had to pay someone to do my taxes for three years?
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