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phypefrency : Hi,

I have created a drop down navigation bar with sub-menus for my web page. I want the Navigation bar to appear on every page though. ( I do not want to add the code to every page) I believe there is a way to do this with server side includes but not sure how. I created the navigation bar in a separate HTML file called navbar.html Now how would I include this in the other pages and What part of the HTML code do I add this server side includes in?

Thanks for the help
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Daudiodia : go to google and type in html tutorial
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LinuraGamtova : In order for you to do this you will need to tell us what type of server you are using. In php you would use this in the code of your page <? include('nav.php'); ?> and you would have to change the file extension to be .php for your html page.

Make sure your path and the file name is correct too.
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ComprarViagraVN : this is what you are after, but do remember that you need to rename every page to .php instead of .html if you use this, although it makes zero difference to anything else except your onsite links
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tomafluotly : Yes, server side includes (SSI) is the way to go. A SSI is simply a text file, any extension may be applied but it must be a text file. The text you might copy from your current page, but delete that same portion you copied or it will appear twice, and pasted into a new text file. Use Notepad to create the file. Then you must use the include tag in the page you want it to appear. Go to or else here to learn about coding includes. You parent html page will then have to have as an extension dot shtml.

Once the include appears in display of the page, if you look at the source code you will not see the include tag. You will see the included text just as it would have appeared if you typed it there yourself.

If you are using CSS, enter the class and/or id's that should be applied -- just as you would if writing only in the parent html document. If you need to change anything in the navigation section, just open the include file, make the changes and save.
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Parlifutritty :

Those are all my programs. I know there's the obvious ones like iTunes, but what about the Microsoft Visual C++? What is all that stuff? Is it okay to delete the older ones? Or any other ways to make my computer faster? Any suggestions would help! Thanks.
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Dornorenterne : You're asking us to help you solve a problem you never describe.

Is your computer slow to start up? Slow to launch applications? Is Internet access slow?

Was it always slow? Or did it suddenly get slow one day? Did it gradually get slower and slower?
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bemnjefe : hello , microsoft visual c++ is a program to learn code . you can unistall that , I also saw that you use AVG , avg is known to slow down computers. I recommend you uninstall it and install avast! antivirus.also de-install malwarebytes.
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XDedris : I received a check from this company. Unfortunately, I have never heard of them and I do not know what they do? Can anyone enlighten me? I need to know if this is a scam?
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Speemersmoima : Someone who didn't owe you money and that you've never heard of sent you a check? Yeah, that's a scam. Throw it away.
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