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stoffCitsmord : Some virus scan/security program for my computer came up online saying I had a virus called Win 7 Security or something. It automatically started scanning my computer without asking me, and all sorts of pop ups are coming up. I tried to click ignore and all of these things, but they keep coming back. I scanned my computer with two different programs that I actually trust and neithe of them came up with anything. Also, all of the "high threats" came up from pretty trustworthy websites. Now when I go online, it says any website i go to is a threat, and will not let me through. I clicked the button saying to "surf the web anyway" but it STILL doesn't let me go on. Every 5 minutes or so the program will come up again talking about these viruses, telling me to spend my money and go register for their virus scan. But, I don't want to do that, and I don't think I have a virus. At this point, I don't even care if the program's right- i cant do anything with it there. Can anyone tell me what I could do to stop this from coming up like this so I can get back to use my laptop again? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me whatsoever,

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shumbamma : You have got a virus, it's Win 7 security itself. just Google ways to remove it. There is many out there
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BAPYBrakpap : that you should not make ANY major decisions for a year?

Well...I tried to slow down dispersing the funds to everyone, but had no choice, legally, but to distribute them immediately as my siblings went apeshit at the idea of waiting. Terms of the trust dictated that I disperse the funds within 6 months, but with this sort of full-on attack, I said F*ck it, here it is. Don't touch it for a year!! Please!!

So here's how that worked out:

Sibling 1 quit her job, bought a house ( for cash-she can't qualify for a mortgage), went on a two-week vacation and has just been spending money every way she can think of, every day.

Sibling 2 paid off some debts, bought two new cars and went on a vacation. Also looking into buying a property.

Sibling 3 is sane and hasn't touched it, thank goodness.

I haven't touched mine.

But Sibling 1 and 2 re going to burn through their inheritance fairly quickly. given the way it was structured. Much of it is in IRAs so they are liquidating those and giving at least half in taxes.

Is there anything I can do to slow them down before they burn through their inheritance? OR do I just watch them fritter it away and prepare for the inevitable lawsuit when they do? (Because they'll feel they got screwed when they burn through it, not that they made stupid decisions.)
Hope you are right. Sibling 1 threatened a lawsuit against me as TTEE when she called the financial manager and couldn't get the answers she wanted. Of COURSE she couldn't--she needed to ask the TTEE. She'll at least threaten again. You do still have to pay to defend baseless lawsuits.
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Nicole1974 : A lawsuit is NOT inevitable. If they have a ETHICAL attorney, they won't get past the FIRST consultation where they will be told they have no case. If they have a GREEDY attorney, they won't get past the initial consultation where the attorney discovers the attorney has no chance of getting paid.
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Gapycrydaydaf : Talk to the attorney who prepared the will (or trust) and ask him/her what you should do to protect yourself from those lawsuits, which will probably never happen.

It's more likely that #1 & #2 will come to you begging for a gift or a "loan" which they will never repay. Ask the attorney about that, also. Just say no to your siblings.

If that attorney is not experienced in estates, wills, trusts, etc, then find one who is.

I don't believe you need to be concerned about a lawsuit. You sound like you have both oars in the water, and people could crack walnuts on your ass. You might become estranged from two of your siblings, but that's a price you'll just have to pay.

Take care.
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DjoMalyshev : If someone steals a check from you what can you do to stop them from cashing it?
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Vophoishbog : I was supposed to get my cash benefits on the first but that was a Sunday, so I checked the balance today & still nothing...I realized today is a holiday & dshs is closed, so that means I should get them tomorrow? Or do you think they were cancled & I need to call them
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MegaProfitdade : A machine can be purchased for $10,500, including transportation charges, but installation costs will require $1,500 more. The machine is expected to last four years and produce annual cash revenues of $6,000. Annual cash operating expenses are expected to be $2,000, with depreciation of $3,000 per year. The firm has a 30 percent tax rate.

a. Determine the relevant after-tax cash flows and prepare a cash flow schedule.
b. Calculate the payback period for the machine.
c. If the project’s cost of capital is 10 percent, would you recommend buying the machine?
d. Estimate the internal rate of return for the machine.
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