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hermancndvew : I am looking for recommendations for a solid anti-virus program that is easy on system resources. Free or paid, prefer free but will consider a trial of a paid product. Suggestions?

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PoitoProvemog : Comodo Internet Security -
It is the best you can get... IF you know a bit about computers
Avira is probably the best novice free AV,
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Ererryhew : Avast 4.8 is lite, not the latest avast 5, has to be 4.8, use it all the time on 256mb sdram systems.
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saitiolmesela : AVG or maybe Microsoft's free version
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mugonitok : Panda cloud >

There is none lighter.

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Drahphawletle : Hi Paul.
I would suggest you install 3/4 good ones first and try them out. They all work on the same principal. It's just that one might let you do a bit more than the other one, whether it's paid for or not. The ones I use are.
AVG 2011.
Auslogics Disk Defrag.
Advanced System care.
CCleaner. I found their the only ones I've ever needed. Besides, we pay enough money to these money hungry companys, don't we? Eric.
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aoioktoy : I opened a cash assistance case and my child's father was ordered to pay $253, so now I have stopped the cash assistance case and turned in the notice to child support saying that it has ended. Now what? Do I begin to collect child support?
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likelucyru : Ok so it's been 2 weeks and I have a applied for like 20 jobs
Im 16 and need cash can someone please give me tips and advice on applying and looking for jobs
And also how to save up money in general? Thanks I would appreciate it.... I have one year to save up 2,000 dollars for summer vacation
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Turammapeax : not happening .
at 16 u on bottom of list.
20 applicationare a days work.
when u got 200 -300 application done
u got a job.

know where library is?
books there will teach u how to job hunt,
how to save, how to create in come with
no job.

visit often - it is free.
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VRudikon : anyone confirm if this is the right working out for the amount which goes into loan received under Finance heading in a cfs?
Say the company has last year $30 000, & current year it states $60 000, They have received a loan for $20 000 would this be correct

Imagine the dash is a downward line:)
10 000 - 30 000
------------------- -20 000

-----------------------= $60 000
So the amount added in loan repayment is 10 000?? Im assuming the number difference would be loan repayed?
And Loan received $ 30 000?

Am I understanding this correctly? Hope I've explained this well enough unsure if I've put the figures on the correct side.

thanks for any help! Also if there is an inventory amount it isnt used is it?
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