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npletcherbrl : Every time I open it it imediatetly says internet explorer has stopped working a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. What do I do? I don't have another browser! Help!

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eralfluethift : Download another browser with whatever machine you're using to get on here, and transfer it to the computer with the problem. I'd recommend Opera.

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Tomotooli : Because college students often have little income and many expenses, does this reduce or increase the importance of completing a cash-flow statement on a monthly basis?
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xxldoctttibr : Most don't even know what one is!
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Dumpsypsurf : what's question should I ask and should I smile the whole time
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fluomaecola : Tips for Job Interviews at McDonalds


Show the interviewer you have well -developed communication skills. You might start out working at the drive-through or front register and will need good communication skills to work with the customers and your fellow employees.

Listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying and take a minute to think about each question asked. This way you can give a good answer that makes you sound confident and able to communicate clearly. This will give the interviewer a good idea of how you might interact with customers and co-workers.

Make eye contact and maintain and steady voice when answering the questions. Do not use offensive language, raise your voice or give rude responses. Do not talk badly about past employers.

Be a Team Player

Talk about your experiences in which you had to work with others as team to reach a common goal. McDonald's is a team-oriented company, and each employee relies on others to help get jobs completed. If you haven't had work experience in a team-oriented setting, talk about other situations where teamwork was used. This could be experience from a sports team, group project at school or even a hobby that required teamwork to do.

Leadership Skills

Present yourself as someone who wants to excel at what you do. For a position at McDonald's, tell the interviewer that you want to be a leader. Ask questions about advancement within the company; ask about shift or store manager positions, and speak about your experiences as a leader.
Whether you see this job opportunity as a way to make extra cash or you truly want to move up the career ladder at McDonald's, the interviewer is looking for someone with leadership potential.
Showing an active interest in career advancement, how employees are evaluated and how performance is tracked demonstrates that you are interested in the company and in the job.
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suigicagriels : a)CB time horizon is future events
b)CB’s measurement object is accrual revenues and expenses and FR’s is cash flows.
c)CB’s data period is life of the project whereas FR’s is annual.
d)a and c
e)a and b
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Toomadyettasy : 12/31/201312/31/2014
Cash$ 24,528$ 27,564
Accounts Receivable54,77770,923
Accounts Payable46,85850,228
Sales Revenues690,236805,213
Cost of Goods Sold403,284500,385

A42 days
B90 days
C32 days
D35 days
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Pitiarliawn : calculate the days purchases in accounts payable in 2014 given the following information for the years. calculate the days purchases in accounts payable in 2014 given the following information for the years
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