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Sleeryrub : i went on my comper today and the programs on my desktop folders in my external hardrive basically all folders had numbers which seems to be dates, and i cant change it back to names they should be anyone got a solution?

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toBuyAccutane : I've got to much stuff and I need some cash so I thought that ebay would help me. any thoughts
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neothnedCor : Yes, but it also depends on what ur selling. If ur selling books, sell them on amazon. If its homemade craft projects like DIY jewelry, sell them on etsy. Otherwise, eBay is probably ur best shot
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ArridoNop : Yes, but if you are selling local, don't forget about Craig's List. I do like Ebay for my electronics etc.
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glubalpcrulge : My husband was paid by check for doing a small project and when he went to cash it, the bank wouldn't and told him to just call the guy. My husband is a little fed up with him right now. Anyway, my question is: Should my husband return the check to the guy and if he does, should he scratch thru his signature on the back?
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kayattsag : Hand the guy the check when he hands you cash. Don't worry about the signature.

Why wouldn't the bank cash it? Try going to the bank that the check is from.
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bypxlnline : Grider Company's chart of accounts includes the following selected accounts


Accounts Receivable

Sales Discounts

Merchandise Inventory

Cost of Goods Sold

O. Grider, Capital

On April 1 the accounts receivable ledger of Grider Company showed the following balances: Ogden $1,550, Chelsea $1,200, Eggleston Co. $2,900, and Baez $1,800.The April transactions involving the receipt of cash were as follows.

Apr.1The owner, O. Grider, invested additional cash in the business $7,200.
4Received check for payment of account from Baez less 2% cash discount.
5Received check for $920 in payment of invoice no. 307 from Eggleston Co.
8Made cash sales of merchandise totaling $7,245.The cost of the merchandise sold was $4,347.
10Received check for $600 in payment of invoice no. 309 from Ogden.
11Received cash refund from a supplier for damaged merchandise $740.
23Received check for $1,500 in payment of invoice no. 310 from Eggleston Co.
29Received check for payment of account from Chelsea.

(a) Journalize the transactions above in the six-column cash receipts journal below. Foot and crossfoot the journal. (If there is no transaction, enter NA as the account and 0 for the amount.)

Cash Receipts Journal



Account Credited


Cash Dr.

Sales Discounts Dr.

Accounts Receivable

Sales Cr.

Other Accounts Cr.

Cost of Goods Sold
Merch. Inventory

Apr. 1301

(b) Insert the beginning balances in the Accounts Receivable control and subsidiary accounts, and post the April transactions to these accounts. (If answer is zero, please enter 0. Do not leave any fields blank.)

General Ledger
Accounts ReceivableNo. 112

Apr. 1BalanceP
30 CR1
Accounts Receivable Subsidiary Ledger

Apr. 1BalanceP
30 CR1

Apr. 1BalanceP
29 CR1
Eggleston Co.

Apr. 1BalanceP
5 CR1
23 CR1

4 CR1
(c) Prove the agreement of the control account and subsidiary account balances. (List amounts from largest to smallest eg 10, 5, 3, 2.)

Accounts receivable balance:

Subsidiary account balances:

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Innotomic : I'm still in high school and I work at a cash register job. Tomorrow marks my 20th day there. That when i'm going to put in my 2 week notice, because I believe they are going to fire me, because recently I've been making too many mistakes. Like giving away too much or too less change. sometimes even forgetting to give change. fortunately I've always corrected it and gotten the money back (or too them!). At my job I'm looked down at and talked about. I was thinking I'll quit, before I get fired, so it won't look as bad on my resume. Whats do you think?

P.s Christmas time is coming up should i stick it out and get fired or leave on my own terms?
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Tkljsjdrtyyurarara : You clearly suck at a simple job. Just quit before you're fired. Don't expect a reference, and don't put it on your resume for future jobs. Look at something that doesn't involve basic math, since that's apparently hard for you.
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1mannequind : You might as well stay but try your best to do better thereby redeeming yourself. If you quit and later give them for reference, it won't be a good one. At least you will make some money for Christmas.
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