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Kibsteesy : I have a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 camera and Windows XP. I'm looking for a good, free DVR software program to record videos onto my desktop computer. My Logitech program only records up to 90 seconds. I need to be able to record a lot longer, anywhere from 1 to 3 hours; if not longer. If there is another program that is free that works as well as, if not better than a DVR program I would welcome that also. Thank you.for your help.

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annemmartinp : So I started at the local movie theater last week, and I've worked twice. But I often have trouble remembering how to do things, like work the computer or clean the machines. Even after my second day, I still have trouble and need help a lot. When running the computer cash register thing, I have to stop and think to remember how to do things.

Is this pretty normal? Or am I just not doing very well? It's my first job, and I almost don't want to go back because I feel so stupid...
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Antinstiers : This is pretty normal. Some of these tasks are really not very intuitive, and some supervisors are not very understanding about how long it really takes to learn a job. Let your supervisor know that you're interested in doing a good job, but would like to be near someone who can answer your questions for the first week or two.
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aculsosysat : I don't have a bank account nor do I want one. Can I just go to a grocery store or something and put some money on a card and do online shopping that way? Without using a banking system?
I'm not trying to grocery shop, I just want to put money online so that I can buy stuff online without a bank account.
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malopivva : what do u mean on a card, all cards work through banking process , if u go to grocery u can pay cash, it is not online shopping OMG
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uphoxottose : I have a building that has two large rooms, the problem is that there is severe dampness in the two rooms... the interior feels cool and the walls the paint is peeling and the wall is sandy. i unfortunately dont have the amount of cash to renovate this place.

when i say large rooms i mean you could possibly park two cars and a bike in each room.

Anyway with this available space how can i make money from it?
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igorokfree : grow mushrooms?
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emapseassew : Table
Corp a has the following financial information:
Net Income $70,000
Taxable Income (EBT) $100,000
Interest Expense $20,000
Depreciation Expense $15,000
Tax Expense $30,000
Increase in Current Assets $20,000
Increase in A/P and Accruals $10,000
Decrease in Gross Fixed Assets $100,000
No changes were made in interest payable or taxes payable.

18. Based on the information in Table what is Corp a after-tax cash flow from
a. $105,000
b. $120,000
c. $125,000
d. $135,000

19. Based on the information in Table what is Corp a change in operating working
a. -$10,000
b. 0
c. +$10,000
d. +$20,000

20. Based on the information in Table what is Corp a free cash flow?
a. -$ 5,000
b.+$ 35,000
c. +$ 75,000

my work for 18:
= 85,000
= 75,000
= 175,000
= D 135,000

my work 19:increase in a/p = A -(10,000)

My work 20: 135,000 - 100,000 = B

Correct or what am i missing?
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