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PaHenvenceben : im a new college student in need of a laptop. im a bigger guy so a bigger laptop is needed. What brand and what software would be best for a mechanical engineering major or just college in general? thanx =)

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quegoglenossy : MAC BOOK PRO!!! It is the best!!!
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kannedeexcibe : Finally MACBOOK PRO
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FlinnattoInee : Google Chrome Laptop

Computer Repair Technician @
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Effitswes : I think Apple has the best and highest quality laptops. They can also run windows and Microsoft software on them. Plus, I think Apple has education discounts on their website. Along with that, they should have the back to school special where you get a free ipod touch with the purchase of any qualifying Mac Books. I think it has already started. If not, they should do it anytime soon!
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GroomeAnexoke : the foldable kind.
Just kidding.
Anyway, since your an engineering student, it is best to get windows. Also, some colleges require tablets for engineering students so it would be better to get one of those right away instead of having to make another purchase later.
The bigger guy=bigger laptop isnt necessarily true, but for engineering you would probably need a bigger screen, about 15 inches would be great.
As for the model, just look around in store for what you like, write it down(the model # and such), read reviews online such as and your best bet would probably be to buy it online. the brand doesnt really matter that much, but from personal experience, toshiba sattelite pros are long lasting. (HP and other entertainment laptops would be horrible for engineering). Look for higher processor speeds so it can run engineering software and even try to buy one with a quad-core processor and at least 4 gigs of memory. as for software, look at what other people are using and if its very expensive use to try to find free alternatives.
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neothnedCor : I'm looking at a sandwich shop that is currently for sale for $59K. They have a dough mixer and a pizza oven but they do not currently utilize them. It's just a small takeout place with seating for 28. The rent on the place is $2250/month which I would try to renegotiate but it's in a desirable area.

Based on the equipment that's in there and what they probably paid to make it food ready I really think it's only worth about $39K. I currently have about $15K in cash I can put into the business. I have been pre-approved for personal credit of $20K. I can also try to borrow money from relatives. I was thinking about offering $35K. Does this seem like a good idea?
A couple other things to add: I worked in a sandwich shop for two years, I have an MBA and my CPA license and currently work as a CPA.
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Maccullam : buy this pizza/sandwich business. buy this pizza/sandwich business
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esyez028 : We don't know where this is.
We have not seen the books for the current business to see the turnover.
We have not seen the premises.
How can we possibly give an opinion?
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Cryclorgo : Unless they are entirely unique and have NO competition, any established business is only worth about three times what they have "cleared" over the last 36 months....multiply their last three years net receipts by three and offer them 10% less than that in cash...

If they will not show you that number, or will not accept that offer, then RUN (do not walk!) away from this deal...
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