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rbjarmkgxvvw : Ok, i was making an image using several layers in Gimp, at the end i saved it (it was around 500x1100 size) then when i closed gimp and opened up my picture in windows, and also uploaded it to an online site) it showed as 250x something i cant remember lol. I cant use other programmes to resize it as it loses picture quality to make it bigger. When i go back to gimp, i try to make it bigger and it says when i scale it that its already 500x1100 but when in fact it is not. so i tried doubling the size and scaled it to like 1000x2200, it said it scaled it. Again it had not. I have no idea what went wrong or how to resize it without losing picture quality. Someone please help me!!!

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aquariusmediaa : Doesn't make a difference what you use, you are going to LOSE picture quality anyway. A program can't GUESS what pixels should be there.
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BusDrersUneni : So I started at the local movie theater last week, and I've worked twice. But I often have trouble remembering how to do things, like work the computer or clean the machines. Even after my second day, I still have trouble and need help a lot. When running the computer cash register thing, I have to stop and think to remember how to do things. Even though they show me, I just forget by the next shift...

Is this pretty normal? Or am I just not doing very well? It's my first job, and I almost don't want to go back because I feel so stupid...
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coomypeacroxy : determine the amount of net loss or net income ...?
Can someone teach me to how figure these types of problems... determine the amount of net income or net loss for the year.
1. Revenues for the year totaled $71,300 and expenses totaled $35,500. Additional capital stock of $15,000 was issued for cash during the year.
2. Revenues for the year totaled $220,500 and expenses totaled $175,000. Dividends paid during the year were $40,000. No additional stock was issued.
3. Revenues for the year totaled $149,000 and expenses totaled $172,000. Capital stock of $12,000 was issued for cash and dividends of $16,000 were paid during the year.
4. Revenues for Konner Co. totaled $198,150 and expenses totaled $174,200. Cash dividends of $35,000 were paid during the year. No additional stock was issued.
I need the answers and the steps please
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Vorsanaffow : In all of the problems, issuance of stock and/or payment of dividends have nothing to do with net income... its just revenue less expense
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ImassyjageDam : Assume a business has been started with an investment of $500,000 with an expected annual cash flow of $70,000. Cash flow is expected to grow @ 3% per annum. The business owner has a required rate of return of 14%. What is the market value of equity at time period 0?
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scoorrido : I have bad credit and I was wondering if I could get an unsecured credit card with around a $500-$1000 limit or more? I have a car repo on record that's been turned over to a collection agency ($4000), a $1000 medical bill and Fingerhut turned what I owed them to a collection agency and I owe them almost $500 and I was in my own appartment for 3 months and got evicted. I'm 24 years old and have $5500 in debt right now. Is getting an unsecured credit card with that kind of limit even possible for me? I don't have the cash up front to start a secured card and I'm not even going to consider one. Prepaid is the same pretty much. I just want a limit that I can spend and pay it back.
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