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Torrentyzadarmo : I recently had to reformat my computer's hard drive due to some issues. The program that allowed me to reformat my computer (I believe to be HP Advisor?) and asked me if I wished to back up my files. Of course I did and put them on DVD-R disks and finished reformatting my computer. However, after I try to retrieve my backup files, I am stuck with a bunch of .WIM files and an Application File (RecoveryMgr) which cannot be run even as admin and a config file. How would I go about accessing my backup files??? Please help!

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poolppaz : Accounting cash flow statement indirect help !!?
I need to make a cash flow statement for the year using indirect method,
Balance Sheet Data:
2011 2010
cash 102700 47250
trading securities 94500 107000
accounts receivable 80800 37000
Inventory 111900 102650
Prepaid expenses 10000 16000
property,plant and equipment 290000 205000
accumulated depreciation (49500) (40000)
Total Assets 640400 474900
Liabilites and Shareholders Equity
Accounts Payable 62700 54280
Accrued expenes payable 12100 18830
Notes payable 140000 80000
common shares 250000 200000
retained earnings 175600 121790
total liabilites and SE 640400 474900
Income Statement
Gain on Sale of equipment 8750
operating expenses 24670
depreciation expense 58700
interest expense 2940
loss on sale of trading securites 7500
Additional info: securities were sold for $15000 resulting inna realized loss of $7500. No other unrealized gains or losses in 2011. Assume Milk River Inc, includes changes in trading securties in operating activities equipment costing $141 000 was purchased for $71000 cash and a $70 000 note payable
3.Equipment with original cost of $56 000 was sold resulting in a gain of $8 750
4. Notes payable that matured during the year were paid in cash
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BAPYBrakpap : that you should not make ANY major decisions for a year?

Well...I tried to slow down dispersing the funds to everyone, but had no choice, legally, but to distribute them immediately as my siblings went apeshit at the idea of waiting. Terms of the trust dictated that I disperse the funds within 6 months, but with this sort of full-on attack, I said F*ck it, here it is. Don't touch it for a year!! Please!!

So here's how that worked out:

Sibling 1 quit her job, bought a house ( for cash-she can't qualify for a mortgage), went on a two-week vacation and has just been spending money every way she can think of, every day.

Sibling 2 paid off some debts, bought two new cars and went on a vacation. Also looking into buying a property.

Sibling 3 is sane and hasn't touched it, thank goodness.

I haven't touched mine.

But Sibling 1 and 2 re going to burn through their inheritance fairly quickly. given the way it was structured. Much of it is in IRAs so they are liquidating those and giving at least half in taxes.

Is there anything I can do to slow them down before they burn through their inheritance? OR do I just watch them fritter it away and prepare for the inevitable lawsuit when they do? (Because they'll feel they got screwed when they burn through it, not that they made stupid decisions.)
Hope you are right. Sibling 1 threatened a lawsuit against me as TTEE when she called the financial manager and couldn't get the answers she wanted. Of COURSE she couldn't--she needed to ask the TTEE. She'll at least threaten again. You do still have to pay to defend baseless lawsuits.
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Nicole1974 : A lawsuit is NOT inevitable. If they have a ETHICAL attorney, they won't get past the FIRST consultation where they will be told they have no case. If they have a GREEDY attorney, they won't get past the initial consultation where the attorney discovers the attorney has no chance of getting paid.
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Gapycrydaydaf : Talk to the attorney who prepared the will (or trust) and ask him/her what you should do to protect yourself from those lawsuits, which will probably never happen.

It's more likely that #1 & #2 will come to you begging for a gift or a "loan" which they will never repay. Ask the attorney about that, also. Just say no to your siblings.

If that attorney is not experienced in estates, wills, trusts, etc, then find one who is.

I don't believe you need to be concerned about a lawsuit. You sound like you have both oars in the water, and people could crack walnuts on your ass. You might become estranged from two of your siblings, but that's a price you'll just have to pay.

Take care.
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esyez003 : I just want to know who all out there doesn't like where they are employed. And why?
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hermesho : Yes and,no
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wawlAbsesefap : Yes, I should have followed a different career path. Working in an office just doesn't suit me at all. I would rather be out in the open, doing something more practical and constructive.
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tireargueme : I like the people but the hours and the pay is horrible. Currently looking for another job.
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MiyeonnLuba : Sometimes, really, my job is just a job, it can go both ways though, I've worked with co-workers who are miserable and just make the whole environment bad, I've also worked with people who are quite nice, and are a pleasure to deal with!

I've met good people and bad people on the job, I've had some good experiences and some bad ones on the job, but it just is kind of difficult, where I work, there is no middle ground, I'm either always over-worked or I'm not working enough to make some decent cash! It can be really tedious at times, it is a slow business, with not many customers, and they can go both ways too as far as being bad or good, and 99% of the time I am working by myself!

So, yeah, to be completely honest, it would be nice if I didn't have to work at all, but people need money, hopefully, one of these days, I'll have enough where I won't need to rely on a job that is just a job!
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