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ClivaCinE : I need a program that will change proxies every 3 minutes for example... I've heard foxyproxy can do that, but how can I configure it to change proxies like that?

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liamnigousnum : Okay so its been a while since i have taking a loan from anyone my last loan was about 8 to maybe 10years me i no i need to pay them back but its been really hard to since am a single parent..i need a loan and was wondering if i can get a loan from some other company? Till payday! Need help thanks for answering
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aoioktoy : I opened a cash assistance case and my child's father was ordered to pay $253, so now I have stopped the cash assistance case and turned in the notice to child support saying that it has ended. Now what? Do I begin to collect child support?
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paasathkaqaas : So basically I'm a 15 year old that wants cash... I've had a waitressing job before but quit as when I pot washed it irritated my skin so that's one to avoid as well as dog walking, babysitting and car wash cause there's already quite a few of those round here. Any suggestions
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Jeojeryceby : QUESTION:
A company recorded borrowing $61,000 with a credit to Cash and a debit to Notes Payable. On the same say a $30,000 purchase of stock in another company was recorded with a Debit to cash and a credit to Marketable Securities. The effect on the journal entries is:

ANSWER: Assets and Liabilities are both understated $122,000.

Why is that the answer? How do you calculate that?
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