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alexanderpipson : I have powerpoint on my desktop but i dont know the code number.... I have it on a cd but my laptop does not have a cd drive (just a usb) i have to make a power point for school but im going on a trip this weekend so i need it on my laptop i either need step by step directions (for an idiot basically) or a program that is free that will let me use my powerpoint that i have started and keep working on it

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Effitswes : you can downlaod a program to find the key in the registry like belarc advisor for free and then you copy the disc to a usb to instlal it on your laptop.
if your ocputers on on the smae network, you can simply copy the cd fom the desktop via the network to the laptop and install it that way, after finding the key that is....
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eldemowerrorm : Use the Presentation feature in GoogleDocs (it's free and online) Then download the presentation as a PowerPoint file.
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Ambimibog : Segregation of duties
Physical controls
Human resource controls
Establishment of responsibility
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ByncFausaBymn : Neither of your questions make any sense.
Can you rephrase them?
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cdavidw : Establishment of responsibility
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Tomotooli : Because college students often have little income and many expenses, does this reduce or increase the importance of completing a cash-flow statement on a monthly basis?
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xxldoctttibr : Most don't even know what one is!
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vxperhapslh : I want to know a few cheap like discount website on clothing, haven't got the most amount of money and want to get as much out of my hard earned cash
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Mobfabybrirty : Everything £5 pound is a brilliant website all my friends and family are using it they have great clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery on there
Hope this helps :)
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