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srfecti644 : Next year i'm going to school for computer science and the school i'm going to has a computer program. My two choices are the mac-book pro 13" or the hp Elite-book 8460p 14". I'm not sure what one would be best for computer science. Please help me decide by telling me what one would be better for me and why.

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JohnMalkovitzch : So regardless of which one you go, you're going to want two operating systems: either Mac OS X and Windows or Windows and Linux because there's some stuff that requires Windows and some stuff (particularly lower-level stuff) that is *way* easier to do on a Unix system. I went with the Macbook Pro, mostly because the hardware is way better (although HP's business line is supposedly better then their consumer line which is what I was looking at) and I haven't had any problems with it. I've had one class that required Windows, which I got for free through the school anyway.
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ZextEpireerve : I'm at work. My company is doing a tent at the state fair. Yesterday they sold an item that was paid for partly in cash and partly by credit card. The card was scanned and the payment accepted at the fair, but I still have to record the sale in Quickbooks. All I have are the last four numbers of the card and the card type (Visa). Is there any way to make a record of this in Quickbooks? I can't scan the card again, I just need to record that this payment has taken place. Any help would be appreciated!
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alexanderpipson : in the RECEIVE PAYMENTS module, manually record the credit card payment against the open invoice of the customer, or create an invoice and pay as above. Where you record payment type, choose the credit card type being used (VISA), and record under comments "card # XX and the last 4 digits" from the slip printed out at time of sale approval. The program should already have all credit card payments set up to go to a particular bank based on your swipe machine. Next, manually record the remaining cash portion of the payment against the same invoice, which will pay off the open receivable, and then indicate in "deposits" whether the cash goes to a bank deposit or credited to Petty Cash.
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toBuyAccutane : I've got to much stuff and I need some cash so I thought that ebay would help me. any thoughts
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neothnedCor : Yes, but it also depends on what ur selling. If ur selling books, sell them on amazon. If its homemade craft projects like DIY jewelry, sell them on etsy. Otherwise, eBay is probably ur best shot
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ArridoNop : Yes, but if you are selling local, don't forget about Craig's List. I do like Ebay for my electronics etc.
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Sopmduozlhi : I need to send $5000 with my Visa card (so I can get $50 cash back) to a recipient who doesn't have a Visa account nor a PayPal account. They apparently don’t want to open any account.

I tried PayPal but there's a fee of 3 times my cash back - around $150.

I'm not a smart person but I'm afraid there's no way for me to send the money without fee paying, however I've read many of the answers in general at Yahoo Answers and realize most are very resourceful and intelligent, and I hope I'll get an answer from them soon.

Thanks ever so much for a suggestion.
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operforGowrib : The whole thing sounds like a scam to me. why would you send anyone $5000 to get a $50 cash back? It all makes no sense.
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Triarryhosy : yes - sounds like a scam , as soon as they mention western union you will KNOW it's a scam
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