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Pioftesseve : I'm going to buy a Macbook Pro. I'm considering buying a 1 TB hard drive and replacing it with the one that the Macbook Pro comes with.

My question is, is it worth upgrading? Obviously I can store much more music and programs right? But won't that slow down my computers performance by having more programs? Or is that the processor?

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SkipSnuntee : 680 gb difference more then double the size
No it won't slow down your computer, unless you have so many programs in the startup
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nhedukoc : is it worth upgrading? NO 320GB should be enough. You may want to consider more RAM with faster processor.
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esyez044 : you really shouldnt be using that much space, it does slow down the computer having all the links in your registry, you should never need that much space
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yexiyexi019 : It depends how much you want to use the computer. It is worth upgrading to me because I have pretty much used all of my space. It will not slow down your computer as long as you have about 30 GB free. And yes the processor is what controls speed but memory is connected to computer speed.
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pronmereTef : most of them are related directly or indirectly
when hdd is almost full , then it will slow down.when processor overwork and get heated then slow down could happen.running many program will definitely slow down because your processor has to work harder to run the program.hope that helps.
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srfecti644 : "When a company generates a profit, management has one of two choices: they can either pay it out to shareholders as a cash dividend, or retain the earnings and reinvest them in the business"

So let's say the company always chooses to reinvest itself. When will the shareholders ever get a claim on the profits?
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annemmartinp : So I started at the local movie theater last week, and I've worked twice. But I often have trouble remembering how to do things, like work the computer or clean the machines. Even after my second day, I still have trouble and need help a lot. When running the computer cash register thing, I have to stop and think to remember how to do things.

Is this pretty normal? Or am I just not doing very well? It's my first job, and I almost don't want to go back because I feel so stupid...
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Antinstiers : This is pretty normal. Some of these tasks are really not very intuitive, and some supervisors are not very understanding about how long it really takes to learn a job. Let your supervisor know that you're interested in doing a good job, but would like to be near someone who can answer your questions for the first week or two.
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Shietlewappal : what is the best way to say cash only checks not accepted, we are a school PTO and checks have been bouncing
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