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harbour3730 : I've had my mini for about a year to two years. First the battery started acting funny where i had to keep the computer plugged up in order for it work.If it came unplugged it would die with just minutes.Then my power plug became shot where it seemed to have a lose connection at the base so i jimmed up a knot to keep the power flow working.And finally now the screen will not come one.Its telling me the my battery is critically low and that something is wrong with hard drive(?) and will give me the option to run the program to fix it but then half way through the computer shuts off. Is there anything i can do for this?...atleast to get it to come on one more time to clear out my history and such? currently using a desktop.

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NerabetribBot : NO! dell is a piece of shit
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Frotkishoto : the screen wont come on at all, how are you seeing the error? what program is it starting what does it say exactly.. if its a harddrive error you might just be able to reboot windows via flash on a usb drive
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apasmipse : Sure buy a new battery and new charger then if you need harddrive get a cheap replacement
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9a4bq9t1x : This is a normal issue. your battery is weak. get a new battery.
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jasmine573 : My brother had this problem with his computer. first buy a new battery (and probably a charger too). if that doesn't work you probably need a new hard drive too.
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Ugg53503 : You have a trust fund that will pay you $2 million exactly 9 years from today. You want cash now, so you are considering an opportunity to sell the right to the trust fund to an investor.

What is the least you will sell your claim for if you could earn the following rates of return (compounded annually) on similar risk investments during the ten-year period? Round your answers to nearest whole dollar.
$ 716,628.1422

$ 593,936.4421

$ 487110.068

Rework part (a) under the assumption that the $2 million payment will be received in fifteen rather than 9 years. Round your answers to nearest whole dollar.

$ 588,831.3658

$ 430,803.9971

$ 308,948.7424

Based on your findings in parts (a) and (b), discuss the effect of both the size of the rate of return and the time until receipt of payment on the present value of a future sum.

Answer: You receive a higher rate of return when its during the 10 year period than the 15 year period. It would take less time and make more on your investment if you were to take the10 year period. Shorter time but more bang for your investment.

Equation: PV= FV/ (1+r)^n = FV x 1/(1+4)^n

Can you please check my answers i think a couple are wrong. Thanks.
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neothnedCor : I'm looking at a sandwich shop that is currently for sale for $59K. They have a dough mixer and a pizza oven but they do not currently utilize them. It's just a small takeout place with seating for 28. The rent on the place is $2250/month which I would try to renegotiate but it's in a desirable area.

Based on the equipment that's in there and what they probably paid to make it food ready I really think it's only worth about $39K. I currently have about $15K in cash I can put into the business. I have been pre-approved for personal credit of $20K. I can also try to borrow money from relatives. I was thinking about offering $35K. Does this seem like a good idea?
A couple other things to add: I worked in a sandwich shop for two years, I have an MBA and my CPA license and currently work as a CPA.
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Maccullam : buy this pizza/sandwich business. buy this pizza/sandwich business
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esyez028 : We don't know where this is.
We have not seen the books for the current business to see the turnover.
We have not seen the premises.
How can we possibly give an opinion?
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