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buy-zithromax : If I were to have a professional developer develop an iphone application for me (because I have an awesome idea), how much would it cost me. I know it depends how complicated the app is, but I just want a range in price.

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sBRwdShx : ...really? Do you think there's an active market for this kind of thing? Either you spend major bucks to have a development house do it for you or you find a guy willing to do some freelance. The former will most assuredly be too costly and the latter will prove difficult to find, at least one who's competent enough.
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Axollumsclimi : There are alot of freelance programming sites. People will bid on the contract,
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zakladykliczko : So if you live in NC than you probably know about Ingles Grocery Stores and that they cash payroll checks (I don't think this has anything to do with my question but it might). Well my girlfriend went to ingles to get her check cashed but it said it was declined because her drivers lisence was flagged. What does this mean? What are possible reasons that her DL would be flagged and why would it keep her from cashing a payroll check? She can cash it at the bank and Walmart with no problems. I don't get it...
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BusDrersUneni : So I started at the local movie theater last week, and I've worked twice. But I often have trouble remembering how to do things, like work the computer or clean the machines. Even after my second day, I still have trouble and need help a lot. When running the computer cash register thing, I have to stop and think to remember how to do things. Even though they show me, I just forget by the next shift...

Is this pretty normal? Or am I just not doing very well? It's my first job, and I almost don't want to go back because I feel so stupid...
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Chesforse : If I buy a car with me as a secondary driver, will my credit increase?
Also does it matter if I say I'm a student that isn't working?

Here is the situation:
I want to increase my credit and I need a car anyways. So I'm purchasing a car with my parent as the primary driver and me as a secondary driver, this way I can get cheaper insurance. The dealer asks us what's our job status and SSN and such. I told the dealer I want to use my parent's credits since they have better score and will get me lower interest rates. Then the dealer said its fine but he still needs our info on their system and to check our credit history. My parent gave their info and I said I'm a student working part-time along with the other infos. After credit checks, my parents comes along fine but mines comes in blank since i have no previous credit history.

Since no credit history, i need to show proof of address, SSN card, and check stub for my work. First two is no problem, but last one; how to get pay stub if my job is delivery boy and my pay is cash tips from customers. Does getting pay stub mean filing tax? Overall i dont make much and cant afford the tax.

What im saying is: Will my credit still increase if i say im a non-working, student? and buying a car as secondary driver. Will they think that it's my parent paying for the car and since i have no financial responsibility on the car; i will have no increase in my credit?
Sorry everyone if its too long a detail. For quick, just reading the first and last part will also help you understand the question.
Any reply is helpful; Thanks in advance to everybody.
Thanks (Go with the flow) my parents are fully aware of this, in fact, they are the one that suggested me buying a car. They aren't highly educated on this however because they are foreigners. they are first generation to come to America. So i guessing your answer is "YES" to my question. Also does that mean secondary driver is automatically the cosigner or do you mean cosigner as in "while signing the lease, i sign as the cosigner"
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Icesaccurce : Step 1: Talk to your parents.
I can tell you have not done this, since they could answer these questions for you.

You can be a co-signer on a car loan. No job needed on your part.
It will develop credit.

How to get ahead in life:
Never finance cars. Buy used ones for cash.
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majkhnxm : Table
Corp a has the following financial information:
Net Income $70,000
Taxable Income (EBT) $100,000
Interest Expense $20,000
Depreciation Expense $15,000
Tax Expense $30,000
Increase in Current Assets $20,000
Increase in A/P and Accruals $10,000
Decrease in Gross Fixed Assets $100,000
No changes were made in interest payable or taxes payable.

18. Based on the information in Table what is Corp a after-tax cash flow from
a. $105,000
b. $120,000
c. $125,000
d. $135,000

19. Based on the information in Table what is Corp a change in operating working
a. -$10,000
b. 0
c. +$10,000
d. +$20,000

20. Based on the information in Table what is Corp a free cash flow?
a. -$ 5,000
b.+$ 35,000
c. +$ 75,000

I got 18.D. need help with 19, and 20. Is 18 correct?
my work for 18:
= 85,000
= 75,000
= 175,000
= D 135,000
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