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intesyreony : namespace catapult_game
class Gameplayscreen
// Texture Members
Texture2D foregroundTexture;
Texture2D cloud1Texture;
Texture2D cloud2Texture;
Texture2D mountainTexture;
Texture2D skyTexture;
Texture2D hudBackgroundTexture;
Texture2D ammoTypeTexture;
Texture2D windArrowTexture;
Texture2D defeatTexture;
Texture2D victoryTexture;
SpriteFont hudFont;

// Rendering members
Vector2 cloud1Position;
Vector2 cloud2Position;


public *void* LoadAssets()
// Load textures
foregroundTexture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/Backgrounds/gameplay_screen");
cloud1Texture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/Backgrounds/cloud1");
cloud2Texture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/Backgrounds/cloud2");
mountainTexture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/Backgrounds/mountain");
skyTexture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/Backgrounds/sky");
defeatTexture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/Backgrounds/defeat");
victoryTexture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/Backgrounds/victory");
hudBackgroundTexture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/HUD/hudBackground");
windArrowTexture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/HUD/windArrow");
ammoTypeTexture = Load<Texture2D>("Textures/HUD/ammoType");
// Load font
hudFont = Load<SpriteFont>("Fonts/HUDFont");

// Define initial cloud position
cloud1Position = *new Vector2*(224 - cloud1Texture.Width, 32);
cloud2Position = *new Vector2*(64, 90);

public override void LoadContent()

public override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)
float elapsedTime = (float)gameTime.ElapsedGameTime.TotalSeconds;


// Render all parts of the screen
// DrawComputer(gameTime);
// DrawPlayer(gameTime);
// DrawHud();

private void DrawBackground()
// Clear the background

// Draw the Sky
ScreenManager.SpriteBatch.Draw(skyTexture, Vector2.Zero, Color.White);

// Draw Cloud #1
cloud1Position, Color.White);

// Draw the Mountain
Vector2.Zero, Color.White);

// Draw Cloud #2
cloud2Position, Color.White);

//Draw the Castle, trees, and foreground
Vector2.Zero, Color.White);

I placed astricks around what visual studio is telling me there is an error and i dont know what to do to fix it
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gooeeix : I about to be evicted. I cant a get a loan, cant get a car loan and payday and cash advance are out of the question. It seems like odds are against me and the only thing left is either rob a bank or start slinging (not serious). Any one have any advice, no family no willing friends.
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WronryCok : Sorry but you are going to be homeless.
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Quamserorse : IF you have a job then pay your rent first before anything else anyway this economy is going to hell. Gas prices and supermarket prices are going up but a job is hard to find and applying for welfare and food stamps is easy. It doesn't make any sense and people need to provide for themselves and their families. When a person is trying to work for their living, they keep getting the door shut in their face and have to apply for numerous positions and go on numerous interviews. Companies repeatedly lay people off due to "budget cuts." The job market need to get better because it doesn't make sense for people to be unemployed for numerous years. Search online and its more on call positions and part time positions then full time positions. Go to college and obtain a degree but then are told that you are over qualified, under-qualified, been out of work too long, too old and numerous other reasons for not receiving employment. Its starting to seem as if trying to work for your living is wrong but when a person want to sit at home and lay around, it isn't a problem. People make more money sitting at home then working a job. You have to do what you have to do....

Take Care
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Asyncinaccich : Do you have anything you can sell on your local Craigs list website?
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poolppaz : Accounting cash flow statement indirect help !!?
I need to make a cash flow statement for the year using indirect method,
Balance Sheet Data:
2011 2010
cash 102700 47250
trading securities 94500 107000
accounts receivable 80800 37000
Inventory 111900 102650
Prepaid expenses 10000 16000
property,plant and equipment 290000 205000
accumulated depreciation (49500) (40000)
Total Assets 640400 474900
Liabilites and Shareholders Equity
Accounts Payable 62700 54280
Accrued expenes payable 12100 18830
Notes payable 140000 80000
common shares 250000 200000
retained earnings 175600 121790
total liabilites and SE 640400 474900
Income Statement
Gain on Sale of equipment 8750
operating expenses 24670
depreciation expense 58700
interest expense 2940
loss on sale of trading securites 7500
Additional info: securities were sold for $15000 resulting inna realized loss of $7500. No other unrealized gains or losses in 2011. Assume Milk River Inc, includes changes in trading securties in operating activities equipment costing $141 000 was purchased for $71000 cash and a $70 000 note payable
3.Equipment with original cost of $56 000 was sold resulting in a gain of $8 750
4. Notes payable that matured during the year were paid in cash
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laasathkaqasa : I am with Barclays: a current account and a cash ISA.

Less than £5.000 all together.

Thank you.
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Alexander_john : Was there an increase/decrease or no effect on total assets:

issued common stock after receiving cash from sole stockholder
received cash from a customer on account receivable
borrowed money from the bank
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