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heageweesee : Hi everyone. I was curious if anyone can help me out with writing something in xcode. Basically I'm looking for a code that will create an array with a predefined number of objects. The objects will be words. How it works is when you push a button a single column array will be created, the words can be repeated in the array but they just can't be the same as the one above or below it. So for example if were to use 7 words; cat, dog, horse, mouse, frog, rabbit, monkey. The single column array that is outputted should look something like this:
notice how frog is repeated twice but no word is the same as the one above or below. Any help in writing this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Willeke : I am a licenced nurse that has been publically recognzed on several occasions for the compassion and care I have for all my patients. I am available for basic care (ADL) , respite care, medication management, meal planning, housekeeping, laundry. finacial and legal management.
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ojbeautyy : Look about at similar home care services and see what they charge. What you charge may also be influenced by health care insurance.
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atrotazog : There are many, many laws, state and federal, you will have to follow to start your own agency even if it is small. Sounds like you will need to learn these first. A more practical solution is to make a business plan and go about it that way. You will need funding and equity partners to make this happen.

Until you have done something like this, you are not practicing legally. So be very careful how you proceed. Professional liability insurance will get all of your cash right now.
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NokInsoms : Does anybody know in which financial statements and which accounts are credited/debited when issuing preference shares. And for ordinary shares you only debit share capital/share premium right?

Thanks in advance
*For accrual based accounting
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ArelsPeally : Journal Entries:

For issue of Preference Shares:
............... ...................... ...........

Dr Cash/Bank
Cr Preference Share Capital ... (Will appear on liabilities side of Balance Sheet)

For issue of ordinary shares:
................ ............... .............

Dr Cahs/Bank
Cr Ordinary Shares Capital ..... (Will appear on liabilities side of Balance Sheet)
Cr Share Premium(if any) ........... (Will appear on liabilities side of Balance Sheet)

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qifeng3787 : I'm thinking of getting a PayPal debit card, but I'm 15. I recently got partnered on YouTube and wanna get the earnings. Will a debit card work?
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ArridoNop : it works just like any other credit card does, you can buy things offline world wide and you can get cash back on it,

the difference is if you have no money inside your paypal account upon trying to use it, it will be declined, there is no credit on there to pay later with like normal credit cards.

When you use paypal MASTER CARD always make sure you ask the teller you want CREDIT instead of debit because PAYPAL will send you cash back into your account each moth for the credit you used it for.
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browadonha : This is from the US Treasury website:

If no survivor is named on the bonds, and no court is involved

The instructions in this section are for the situation in which no person named on the bond is living and all of the following are true. The estate of the person who died (or who died last if two people are named on the bond)

has not been and will not be formally administered through a court
has not been and will not be settled under special provisions of state law relating to small estates
contains bonds totaling $100,000 or less in redemption value as of the date of death
For paper bonds, when no survivor is named and no court is involved, the person or people who are entitled to request disposition of paper bonds must follow these steps:

Fill out Form PD F 5336, either on paper or online. (The online version is a PDF, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have that, you can download free Acrobat Reader. After you fill out the online form, you must print it.)
Sign the form in the presence of a certifying official (as explained on the form).
Pack up
the bonds
a completed PD F 5336, and
proof of death of all people named on the bonds who have died
Mail the package to
Bureau of the Public Debt
PO Box 7012
Parkersburg, WV 26106-7012
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Flugsoors : If i were you i would hold them longer.They will be worth alot more.Any bank should cash them in...u.s. treasury bond.
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