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rafaelcnilssono : I get this code and it says that it may be corrupted or missing and that it cannot detect a cd in the drive. What should I do? I was looking for the answer online tried a few methods but none of them worked does anybody know how to fix it?

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DrAmbrroose : replace it
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Immerearbed : Long story short, my bank account is down. Need the money I earned, but need to get it out of my PayPal account. Can't figure out how to Western Union with PayPal.
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temoenjoymn : If you are 18 or older, you request a check to be mailed to you.
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Illishgighemo : Pay Pal issues credit cards. Get a card and when you need cash, simply go to any bank and request a CASH ADVANCE.
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dwebradauri : You can request a check from paypal and you can deposit in your another bank account for the payment. There is no option for western union in paypal
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Dimekeyclisee : So there is this new thing out called cash machines by Aaron ward is it a scam ??????? Thanks
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srfecti644 : If other people depend on your income, you should have it.

If no one else depends on your income, you do not need it.

I am Single and I do not have any children. As such, I do not have life insurance.
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theonlinepharmacist : LIfe insurance is a death planning tool

Is it worth it? Maybe, if you need to plan for your death - like if you have small children depending on your income. But it's a CRAPPY investment tool.

Not married, no kids? What's the POINT of the life insurance? Got cats you're trying to take care of? Well, even so . . . it's not too hard to save $10,000 for care of the cats after you're gone.
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Sinonseicedge : If you're talking about the death benefit, then there is no need to be skeptical. If you buy a $1 million policy (assuming you qualify financially a medically) and then die unexpectedly (assuming no fraud obviously), they pay $1 million. It's not a good deal for you, because you're dead. But, if you were providing for someone, then they'll still be provided for to the extent of the insurance you buy.
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