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novaexate : I have a computer programming assignment due tomorrow which should ask for pin, if correct proceed to 1.Withdraw, 2.Deposit, 3.Balance, 0.Exit. The program should respond relatively to the provided options chosen and show the corresponding balance (amount remaining after deposit, withdrawal, etc). All if the PIN entered at first has been, otherwise it should ask again till the right PIN has been entered.
I would much appreciate some help.

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Louisepolia1999 : at what age start paying your phone bill & can u pay in cash . at what age start paying your phone bill & can u pay in cash
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CutieFlower : I have been in escrow for a couple of months ready to pay cash. I was supposed to close this weekend, but when inquiring about the date I was told that the mortgage was sold from chase to another company.. Will my sale continue, do I have to start over with escrow, or have I lost the house completely? Please give me some advice I want this house so badly and I am absolutely distraught about this news.
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renceAnefly : It should not matter. Under RESPA, payments *must* be accepted by the former lender for up to 60 days after transfer of the loan.
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UnfofPymnjany : yep
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xbfreeslotsio : First of all why was it sold to another company?
You will need to ask the escrow company the rest of the
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arcadiorm : I'm wondering if banks give out free coin wrappers still and would I have to go to a teller and ask. Also if I didn't wrap them up I know they'd take 8 cents every buck so if I do roll them up will I get all my money in cash? Or would they still take the 8 cents out? I'm not trying to sound cheap or anything it's just that I have a bunch of coins saved and I'm going to use the money for back to school shopping. All my coins add up to around 150. Thanks!
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attinkMatrerm : When using a Debit card?
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Byhopynep : ATM or bank
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