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roritriagma : Hey could someone give me the code to Blink and its over, for tumblr.
i will love you forever (lame email i made it years ago)

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TrurlNismmish : We were at walmart and I didnt want to waste time and pay seperate so i gave her the money while waiting in line and she bought the stuff. I kept the reciept, and I need to return something she bought for me, do i need her to come too? its only been a week, can I get cash back?
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igoroldtemkin : She needs to come too.
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Audinkunwindy : I am applying for a job at a local pizza shop. If I do land the job, how will I get paid? I don't have a joint account with my parents or anything. Will I get paid in cash or checks? I'm 15
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BestWilliamikv : Most of them prefer to pay you through the bank but if you don't have any of the sort, they will pay you in cash
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soilmvoma : I would think checks, which your parents could cash for you.
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reteAmeli : Almost all businesses pay with either direct deposit, Check, Or you will be issued a debitcard, and your pay will be put on that biwkly.At 15 you should have your parents go to there bank and open a account for you,Its easy I did it for my son when he was 13.he carried a debit card and all monies he made went into the bank.Also had a savings account linked to it.I dropped a 30 bucks each pay day into his account, so he had a little bit of money if he needed it. he is 23 now has the same account,
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epfvbfaz : Most likely you will get a check, and this would be the perfect opportunity for you to go into a bank or credit union with your parents and open an account. Save at least 10% of your gross income from every check you earn, and you'll be on the road to financial success.
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bduepqmk : cheque's will be beneficiary for u.
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igorisbar : cash
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