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kupasadlao : Ok well i opened up the run program... and put in msconfig.... and did all that i had to do waited blah blah blah then after it made the computer act better this pop up keeps popping up and wont go away u cant do nothing without it popping up.. its loading up something about a tray app?? but dont finish cause it says its on some disk.... any advice to make it stop????

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Gauffintifem : (a) Have you or any family member with whom you lived received any form of cash assistance (AFDC/TANF benefits) within the last two (2) years?
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jshufs8s2d : have you or any relative you lived with get welfare in the last 2 years
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nnnaaavvvccc : Im buyin my first car in november & im a college student & a mother. I dont know what would be best for me. if i get a car note my note will be between $150-225 & my insurance will be high as will because im 19. But if i get a cash money car i would buy a car for $2500 with no car note and probably cheap insurance b/c of the year of the car. i dont know which 1 i should go with. help please!
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wattplailky : First of all you you need to know your finances better and see what could afford.
If you do decide to pay cash ( yes I think it's better in your case because I bern there) be sure to get a reliable car like Toyota so it won't be in a shop constantly, something else to keep in mind
Good for you for going to school!
Best of luck
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roinemanath : Well if you get a new car at least you know you wouldn't or shouldn't have any issues with it for at least four years. If you get a Volkswagen they have built in maintenance for 3 yrs I think and they have their own lending group. I got mine for 1.25% and its been great. My dad on the other hand bought a used truck from the side of the highway and he's already spent hundreds on repairs. He can't wait to get rid of it. VW and many others have some cars at about the price you mentioned 100-200 depending on credit. Which may be your answer there. If you have no credit you may only be left with cash car choice only. Insurance with a new car may be high bc you'll have to be full covered not just liability and make sure you get Gap insurance too! With Cash car you can just do liability if its all paid off. Remember to test drive, and get a mechanic maybe a friend to check over the car to make sure your not getting a lemon-like my dad.

I have to be honest my car note is high and sometimes its hard to make it BUT never had to spend a dime on repairs. My fully paid Jetta prior was free, gift from a family member, I never worried about a car note BUT I also spent a very hot summer due to a broken AC, and bad battery once or twice which left me stranded in the middle of nowhere middle of the night.
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Cetuneld : Deposited my brothers unemployment check thru atm bofa

He doesn't have a bank account for personal reasons and he has been cashing his checks for a high fee. So I decided to help him out and I deposited his check of $347 and it automatically gave me $200 from it. (But did not withdraw it since I want the check to clear first) the receipt says $147 will clear by 9/9... But I checked my online statement it says it should be clears between 1-3 business days..... why is it different days? Do u think it will go thru or get sent back to me with a return check fee?
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Spaleabegebew : So I booked my hotel with my debit card (i dont have a credit card) that has a visa logo (paid for first nights stay+tax) and I was wondering if anyone knew if they put a hold on your debit card at time of check in? I don't know Disneys policy. I know a lot of places do it for incidentals and I know it may be tricky when it comes to checking in with a debit card because of the holds.. Would I be able to pay in cash or is that frowned upon? Help!
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Dave.tupastoggep : Yes they will put a hold of $300 that will clear 3-5 days after you check out.
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itatuilmelf : Real simple answer... check your bank account in about 24 hours. You will see the hold amount pending against your account.
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