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femolermed : I'm looking for a program (preferably free) that looks up the lyrics to my itunes songs and sticks them in itunes for me so I can see them on my ipod touch next time I sync. It would be awesome to find one that does my whole library at once, but if it just does the song i'm listening to at the moment that's good too. I used to have a program that did this but it stopped working, it was for Mac and it was called harmonic.

I'd prefer one for Mac but windows is good too.

Just to be clear i'm looking for a program for my computer, not an ipod touch app.
I want it to automatically add the lyrics into itunes

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WLlenore : (b) Are you a member of a family that stopped being eligible for cash assistance (AFDC/TANF benefits) within the last two (2) years because of federal or state limitations?
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Payncattiff : they want to see if you are from a family that uses too much welfare
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Turammapeax : shocked they can ask such a question. AFDC is aid to families with dependent children. not sure what the other means. TANF ___ assistance ____ families? Answer NO as you do not even know what they mean.
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hhhdddttgkju : I opened an account with TCF and they said there where going to send checks but there where gonna charge so I went to check my account and said they didn't charge so 2 weeks later I get a call from a Mexican store and they said they had checks 600 dollars each and he said if I could come in so I did because I was confused and shocked so I got there and he asked for my ID and I gave it to him and he said he was taking me to court and I keeped denying that wasn't me and we almost fought so I went to the police station Nd told the police and they where gonna make me a report but the officer said to go back and ask for a copy of the check and a copy of the video so I went but the guy gave me the check and I asked for the video and he said the cameras where not working that day and I asked again and he said that they where off. Ima be honest the signature looks just exactly like my ID but I still never got my checks but I worked for companies and cashed my checks in the store but the guy or the owner never asked for ID so can I still get him Introuble cuz he never asks for ID and I seen it with my own eyes. But plz help or give me advice.
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drormmubS : someone stoled your identity so ask more questions and call TCF about them checks
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Mreasaoys : I am 17, in high school, and work a part time job. For the first time ever, I didn't spend my money and this year I have $11,500 to spend. This is all 100% my money and not money given by my parents etc.. I currently have 2 debit cards. One has $1,500 to spend, the other has $1,000 to spend. Then I have a savings account with ~$8500 in it, and then I have ~$500 in cash (stored in a safe place in house). How am I doing as a 17 year old. Am I doing the right thing saving it, or should I invest. Thanks!
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kotelekokd : this is the first time placing an order with AVON. How exactly do I pay them?
How exactly do I know how much to pay them from each customer?
How do I know that I'm getting paid? Especially with a credit card.
Half my customer are using checks or cash and the other half are using debit cards....whats the easiest way to pay AVON using both methods?

I was thinking maybe I could put their money in my bank...then use my debit card so that I won't have to worry about about mailing things in and all that.

Please help! The more detail the better!

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