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pabby : I am interested in learning programming languages(C, C++, Java, C# even Python) and web-programing languages ((X)HTML,CSS,PHP).

I am not a computer programmer professionally, I merely want to be able to manipulate computers by communicating with them and I like the challenge of solving problems that occur with the technology we've created. It's like wanting to learn Arabic so you can communicate with more people of the world.

I would like to know If I should learn by BOOK or WEB VIDS?

I am going to College in the fall for "Pre-Med" or "Pre-Law", should I minor in computer science or double major (I am really driven to learn these languages). The question is also should I self learn or take advantage of college and learn programing there or both? (Which do you recommend).

Please I would appreciate a full response that answers ALL my questions and addresses ALL of my concerns
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artrokil : NOT LIKE EBAY AND AMAZON i want something i can get the cash right away and not have to wait forever until they get there items or however long amazon holds my money i have amazon now but i get tired of waiting for my money i want something fast where as soon as it sells the money is sent to like paypal or something.. and a quick selling site! i know there are a lot where not many people go on and stuff sells soooo slow.
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theomarttestmk : Try Craigslist.
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Gymnmoopamb : You could try Craigslist, but the mods on Craigslist have really started going nuts and flagging everything. Backpage would be an excellent option. Backpage gets a lot of traffic, and you can post just about anything for sale or any services and the mods aren't crazy like on Craigslist. Best of luck !!
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Biliflachitn : Hi! Please help me. I want to resell products such as nail polishes and baby products. But I'm receiving EBT is it okay if I'm going to get a seller's permit/certificate? And can I use that on walmart, target and babies or toys r us?
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LincExcexia : Hello I recently went back to school and I was looking to make some extra cash does anyone know of any sale jobs something that is more independent like passing out fliers, working for a cementary (those people that sell the place where people lay to rest when they die) real estate assitant, something that I can either work at home or take the work home???????????????????? help please any suggestions
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maolekmtol : I am 19 years old and have earned a little over £1000 in my gap year. I want to put it into a savings account and am already registered at Barclays, so should I choose a cash ISA or choose a savings bond (has higher interest rate and is fixed). obviously the ISA is tax free but would i have to pay tax if I chose the savings bond?
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Warmwarsets1982 : You only have to pay tax if your total income for the year is greater than the personal allowance. if it will not be, get the form top receive interest on the bond without tax being deducted.
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