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gallvoign : K so I use these 3-4 hours a day:

Java Eclipse
PHP coding

My computer has (4GB RAM, 250GB, Intel Pentium) it seems to be slowing down a lot.. I ran CCLeaner and Defraggler

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Nhlnqhes : no, could be a few other reasons tho sarting w/ your browsing habits.
you could have adware, etc.
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jinlin8899 : I'm selling my iPhone 4 so I can get the galaxy s4. Where can i sell it & get paid good cash?
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sleemnavalolo : Well you cant do that...most smart people would not pay more for an IPHONE4 on how much it is really worth in stores.
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biddeteemict : iphone 4 is approaching being obsolete. Your best bet will be Ebay, next best bet would be websites like Gazelle which buys your phone for parts. You probably won't get more than 50 bucks
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ArelsPeally : i would appreciate it if you could help me :)

10- sold merchandise on account to Martinez, $55,000. terms 2/10, n/30
14- purchased merchandised on account from Soriano, $54,400. terms 2/10 n/30
17- sold on account to Baretto, $40,000. terms n/30
20- received full payment in cash from Martinez from his account on september 10.
24- paid full the account due to Soriano on the 14th
27- received a 30 day non-interest bearing note form Baretto in settlement of his account on the 17th
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Jailapastoge : Eureka Industries is experiencing a period of rapid growth in its earnings and
profitability. Earnings and dividends are expected to grow at a rate of 20% p.a. during
the next two years, at 15% p.a. in the third year, and at a constant rate of 8% p.a.
thereafter. Eureka’s most recent dividend per share was $1.00, and the required rate of
return on the stock is 12% p.a. Meredith Gray, an analyst with USB Financial, has
asked you to estimate the price at which Eureka’s stock should be selling for today
based on the above information. The estimated price should be closest to:

a) $31.83.
b) $34.04.
c) $35.22.
d) $44.71.
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Usathepoutouh : Divedend/Earnings Growth
Year 1
1 x 1.20 = $1.20
Year 2
1.20 x 1.20 = $1.44
Year 3
1.44 x 1.15 = $1.656
Future Years
1.656 x 1.08 = $1.78848

PVs of cash flows
1.20 / (1 + 0.12)^1 = $1.0714
1.44 / (1 + 0.12)^2 = $1.1480
1.656 / (1 + 0.12)^3 = $1.1787
[1.78848 / (0.12 - 0.08)] x (1 + 0.12)^-3 = $31.8251

NPV of cash flows = c) $35.22.
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Soansiodo : So I'm in year 12 studying accounting. We've been given individual case studies on accounting controls. I'm not looking for someone to complete this assignment for me, but merely help me in the right direction as it is meant to be individual research without the teacher's help.

A summary of the case study is as follows:
Allan Carter, long time employee of Basso Company had the following responsibilities in the accounting department:
1. Maintain accounts receivable subsidiary ledger
2. Prepare vouchers for cash disbursements. The voucher and supporting documents were forwarded to Aaron Basso, owner of company.
3. Compute depreciation on all pant assets
4. Authorize sales returns and allowances given to credit customer and prepare credit memoranda. The credit memoranda were forwarded to Mitch Kimmorley, who maintains the company's journals and general ledger.

Allan Carter died. Shortly after he left a letter confessing over a period of years he had embezzled over $300 000 for Basso Company. As part of his scheme, he had managed to obtain both a bank account and post office box in the name of Basso Company. He had then contacted customers whose accounts were overdue and offered them a 20% discount if they would make payments within five days. He instructed them to send their payments to the post office box. When payments arrived, he deposited them in his 'Basso Company' bank account. Carter stated that he acted alone with no help from other employees.

a) Explain how Carter might have committed this theft without Kimmorleys knowledge and without being detected by Basso Company control procedures. (Assume that Carter had no access to journals or general ledger)

b) Which of the duties assigned to Carter should not have been assigned to an employee responsible for maintaining accounts receivable? Would internal control be strengthened if this duty were assigned to the company's cashier? Explain.

I understand I'm a long shot at anyone taking a serious attempt at answering this. Honestly, even with the research that I've done, I'm no closer to completing this assignment and I need some help from some accountant or business type of person. Thank you!
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