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enurmouse : I have a Norton (no jokes please) Internet Security thing on my desktop, and I don't want it there. I have all my shortcuts on a neat little sidebar thing that I can scroll though, and it help keep my desktop from being all cluttered and unpleasant-looking.

I dragged it (the Norton thing) to the sidebar, and it went there, but sometimes it asks me that since I have moved the item to the sidebar, if I'd like to delete it off my desktop, and I always say yes whenever it asks me that. Well it didn't do that this time, and I can't right-click and click Delete, because it's telling me it'll go to the recycle bin, which I don't think I want...

The Windows website says
"If you delete files or folders that are stored on your desktop, they are moved to the Recycle Bin, where you can permanently delete them. If you delete a shortcut, the shortcut is removed from your desktop, but the file, program, or location that the shortcut links to is not deleted."

If it's not going to the recycle bin, then why does it say that's where it's going to go? I don't understand you, Windows!

So how can I get this icon off my desktop without actually affecting the program?
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kukernos : I have Norton, too...and I LOVE it! Anyhow, if you go ahead and delete the icon from your desktop, that's the only thing that goes to the recycle bin...the shortcut icon. Your Norton security files will still be in your library and work the same way that they do now. The only thing that's going into the recycle bin is the shortcut icon...nothing else, so don't worry.
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Tano576igL : Just delete the icon if its just a shortcut the files of that program will not be affected just delete the icon let it go to the recycle bin and create a new shortcut icon again by going to the folder of the program find norton.exe or something that have .exe that has norton icon right clickk it and choose send to Desktop(Create a shortcut) thats all
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aperReeri : I want to own a home but im young with poor credit I've heard that there are rent to own programs but I don't know exactly how that process works. Can someone explain it to me? Thank you guys
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intonearrigue : Stay FAR FAR FAR away from these schemes. They are designed to prey on the poor and ignorant. It's a no win situation.
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LoffVonosoomy : It's often a fraud. Approach with caution.
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maymnarcabyJG : As others have said, these rarely work out and are just not a good idea. If you are late on one payment by one day, the owner can evict you, keep all the money, and do the same to the next guy. Further, you have to hope that he is paying any mortgages and liens on the property or you will lose it as well.

Best idea for you is to take this time to clean/build/rebuild your credit, live below your means and save up a ton of cash, and in a couple of years or so you will be they guy that lenders are clamoring over to give you a loan.
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Immerearbed : Long story short, my bank account is down. Need the money I earned, but need to get it out of my PayPal account. Can't figure out how to Western Union with PayPal.
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temoenjoymn : If you are 18 or older, you request a check to be mailed to you.
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Illishgighemo : Pay Pal issues credit cards. Get a card and when you need cash, simply go to any bank and request a CASH ADVANCE.
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