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ImmonyIrobosy : Hello. Are there any *honest* YouTube partners who provide video hosting services for others who do not meet the channel audience qualifications for the partner program?

I wish to know if anybody knows of any partner who would pay a percentage of the commissions via PayPal.

Thanks in advance.

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fryulgnlrlww : I do not have a driver's license what alternatives are there?
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HireeLarp : If you don't have a drivers license, does your school id have your picture on it. If it does take that, you could try that and your social security card, see if that works.
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toribhibblerg : In my county only a state issued photo ID is acceptable, they do not accept school issued ID.
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Louisepolia1999 : at what age start paying your phone bill & can u pay in cash . at what age start paying your phone bill & can u pay in cash
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Miketymn : I found out that I was in fact 12 weeks pregnant as of this Tuesday. I need to know whether or not Anthem Blue Cross/Shield covers prenatal, pregnancy, post pregnancy, and hospital birth. I've bought a crib and car seat, and I already have about $1,000 saved up and I'm expecting more in my next check. How much is vaginal birth? I'd prefer not to have a c-section since I'm 16. Thank you for the help!
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juniperex : ask your parents to contact insurance as it varies.
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Invoixene : Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield has hundreds of different insurance plans. Some cover no pregnancies. Some cover pregnancies that begin more than a year after you get insurance, but do not cover pregnancies that begin less than a year after you get the insurance. Some cover all pregnancies.

Vaginal births typically run approximately $10,000 in the U.S., but it varies considerably.
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hiegululnenny : There's no way for us to answer this without knowing more of your personal information and looking over your insurance paperwork. You have to contact either your employer or the insurance company (or your parents if you're under their insurance) to find out that information.
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GokGlarlAbort : A vaginal birth at home with a midwife, runs around $2800 in most parts of the country. In a birthing center, it runs around $4,000. In a hospital, with no complications, no monitoring, and no anesthesia, around $8,000 with the "cash discount".

C-sections run $25,000 and up, and usually result in more complications for baby and/or mother. It's nowhere nearly as needed as the hospitals (who make a much higher profit off of it) will tell you.

You will have to call the number on the back of your card to see if your insurance covers it.
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