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lisi20zu : my googleearth program disappeared from my desktop yesterday. I installed a new program from the website; but I can't find it. How do I activate it?

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Blokefoex : If you have the cash, and want to avoid the long delays and complications of getting a mortgage, can you buy the house for cash and then get a home equity loan so you can use the cash for something else? Or is it better to just get a mortgage in the first place? What if you miss the deal you want, because the seller doesn't want to wait for you to get a mortgage?
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Occubrerobe : Check to see what the interest rate is, if the home equity loan is lower, go with that. Having one allows you to do roof repair, replace a furnace that dies, etc. You can extend the loan out for 15 or 30 years and it's always going to be at that particular rate, the rate won't shift.
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nhedukoc : home equity loans, in 2013, are typically high interest with variable interest.

If you are pre-approved for a mortgage, why would it take a long time to get a loan?
People with A+ credit can get the loan to close in 30 days.
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TrurlNismmish : We were at walmart and I didnt want to waste time and pay seperate so i gave her the money while waiting in line and she bought the stuff. I kept the reciept, and I need to return something she bought for me, do i need her to come too? its only been a week, can I get cash back?
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igoroldtemkin : She needs to come too.
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Tainiobby : I applied for a job through email and I know this sounds insecure but I embedded a tracking code into the email to see when the company would open it. So far, the company has opened my email once a day for three consecutive days. What does that mean? Are they considering me for the position? Or am I just kidding myself? Please help, as this is my first time applying for a real job.
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Prassepam : I recently purchased a car from a third party dealership with a CU. When filing the loan app, I said that my income is about $2k. I got approved for decent apr. The problem is that my income is consisted of variable sources including private tutor that I receive cash for. I accounted everything (including occasional support from parents) and that's how I came up with 2k. Dealer requires my most recent paycheck, which is not up to 2k (it'll be about $1.5k). In this case, is it my fault that I did not specifically state that income has variable sources, not just the one on my paycheck? Because I get $15/hr, and hours vary.

Please advise. Thank you.
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endongove : Worst case situation they increase your interest rate or lower the amount of the loan or extend the payment schedule to lower your monthly payments.
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HoandDorOdons : why does the dealer care about your loan app if the CU approved you and is paying him? {I guess I am missing something.}
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