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napTynccreecy : Which Seo technique is feeding search engine bot with a different code than actually served to users

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2qot54rt74o : Cloaking:
Cloaking is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user's browser. This is done by delivering content based on the IP addresses or the User-Agent HTTP header of the user requesting the page. When a user is identified as a search engine spider, a server-side script delivers a different version of the web page, one that contains content not present on the visible page, or that is present but not searchable. The purpose of cloaking is sometimes to deceive search engines so they display the page when it would not otherwise be displayed (black hat SEO). However, it can also be a functional (though antiquated) technique for informing search engines of content they would not otherwise be able to locate because it is ebmedded in non-textual containers such as video or certain Adobe Flash components.
Actually it is process of returning different pages to search engines than to people. When a person requests the page of a particular URL from the website, the site's normal page is returned, but when a search engine spider makes the same request, a special page that has been created for the engine is returned, and the normal page for the URL is hidden from the engine - it is cloaked.
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AdonnaAppeany : I have £35 to spend, card or cash.. Paypal's too long. What have you bought that's £35 or under that you would recommend? nothing rude please.
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Skigulp : A bunch of flowers for someone you love.
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Sorwrortreize : Give it to charity or a church.
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artrokil : NOT LIKE EBAY AND AMAZON i want something i can get the cash right away and not have to wait forever until they get there items or however long amazon holds my money i have amazon now but i get tired of waiting for my money i want something fast where as soon as it sells the money is sent to like paypal or something.. and a quick selling site! i know there are a lot where not many people go on and stuff sells soooo slow.
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theomarttestmk : Try Craigslist.
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Gymnmoopamb : You could try Craigslist, but the mods on Craigslist have really started going nuts and flagging everything. Backpage would be an excellent option. Backpage gets a lot of traffic, and you can post just about anything for sale or any services and the mods aren't crazy like on Craigslist. Best of luck !!
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Mobfabybrirty : I sold a camera on CL equating to $1050. I met up with the person and they basically run a pretty reputable martial arts school in upper Manhattan from what I see, and I went over to the studio and nothing seemed sketchy but they told me they didn't have all the cash up front and asked whether or not I would accept a check under their company instead. It was late at night and I had to leave to go somewhere so in a haste I said yes (stupidly), and they gave me the check. I just went to the nearest bank to deposit it and it's currently awaiting to be cleared. It's been an hour.

I was wondering if there was a high chance that it could bounce? If it does, could I do anything about it? In the worst case scenario it does bounce and I go back and they claim to "not know me", could I sue them or something? I'm kind of stressed out about this right now and I might not have the time to go to their studio if anything happens because I have to go back upstate to college in a few days.

How long does it take for a check from Chase bank to clear to Citibank?
Do I get bad credit if (knock on wood) the check doesn't deposit properly?

Thanks. I know it was a very impulsive thing to do but I need some advice and I want to prepare early just in case.
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Joseph Qk : How could they claim not to know you If you have in your possission their bounced check made out to you?
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