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Vessnurry : The first problem I had with this computer was the whole Windows 7 Anti-Virus that kept popping up. It wouldn't allow me to get onto the web or pretty much open any program. I found that it even removed the System Restore button at one point. However, now, something was popping up that was asking for permission. It wouldn't go away after declining or simply closing out. Without much thought, I clicked accept. Now, I have a Startup Repair that keeps starting over and over again. My computer is a toshiba and it's got Windows 7 on it. Any help would be much appreciated.

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spooppils : The virus has corrupted the operating system you need to use the system repair/recovery disc you where prompted to create when setting up the Windows 7 operating system or order them by model and serial number from Toshiba support to repair/re install the OS.

Order Recovery Media for Toshiba:

How to restore your Toshiba laptop PC to its factory fresh software condition
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songzhang225 : Hi,

I'm a 21 year old recent grad. I applied for a regular credit card and got rejected. I have about 15K in student loans (I will pay it all off after tax season) left (I paid off 5) but have a annual gross of 60k. I did check my credit report but applying for a vanilla bank cash back card and my report initially said I had a score of 730. The credit card report says I have a 650 which I am shocked by.

During school I did service my loans and NEVER missed a payment ever. I know this is a fact but never bothered applying for a card in school (cuz I'm an idiot and didn't care to drop money on a charge card deposit). Right now, I pay several times the minimum payment and am ahead of my loans by like 1 year - I've been paying them off for like 3 years but tiny amounts during college.

Now I'm thinking I'm going to have to get a secured card. My plan tentatively is to get card with the minimum deposit and use it like once or twice a month just to build the darn history.

My credit report denial said the issues were

-length of time accounts established
-lack of revolving credit info
-lack of recent bank revolving info
-loan balances to loan amounts too high

Any advice for my situation or advice for cards? Thank you.
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LYxaasysyas : First, not all scores are the same. Creditors use FICO scores. Monitoring services use Fakko scores. all three credit bureaus now sell consumers non-FICO scores that are on different scales. These are all worthless. The only place consumers can get real FICO scores is

Your student loans should be building your credit history, but they may not be enough to get a credit card, especially one with high limits, low interest, and rewards programs. Go to your bank and apply. They are the most likely to extend credit to you.

You may have to start with a secured card. Go with a small limit $200 to $500 -- no sense tying up a lot of cash. Use the card for regular purchases like gas or groceries and pay the statement balance in full every month. In about a year, you should be able to get a regular credit card.
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alitGoascalse : i bought life insurance when i was 19 years old i really don't get it though. im paying $50 a month. since june 12 2012. im looking at my table data right now..and it said.
reedom Global IUL II
Specified Amount:$100,001.00
Death Benefit Option:Increasing
Monthly No Lapse Prem:$36.83
Guideline Annual Prem:$1,332.26
Guideline Single Prem:$8,146.14
7-Pay Premium:$1,664.43
Effective Date:06/12/2012
Guideline Lvl Pr Accum:$2,664.52
Cost Of Ins & Admin Chgs Anniv To Date:$92.82
Index Acct Mthly Chrg:$0.48
Financial Values As Of:08/26/2013
Cash Value:$253.23
Surrender Value:$0.00

Does it mean if i cancel my insurance i will only get $253.23?? its been 13 month since i got it and i will only get $253?
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NampDeemid : If you cancel you are surrendering your policy. The amount you get when you cancel is the surrender value. You usually need to keep a policy around 7 years before your surrender value equals your cash value.
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Yopemrlde : Okay so I'm saving up for a laptop for school so I need cash. Getting a job is out of the question and my parents won't let me have a garage sale and they don't give me a lot for chores and I have no one to babysit
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robertkmarksp : What is the value of a preferred stock that pays a perpetual dividend of $100 at the end of each year when the interest rate is 6 percent?
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Pitiarliawn : Its a perpituity

Cash flow/interest rate

$100/.06 = 1666.67
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