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shumbamma : I recently logged onto my laptop to browse the web, but when I clicked the internet explorer tab, a message appeared saying around the lines of "Windows Internet file can not be found" The way it reads, it sounds as if has been wiped off completely. I know my internet still works somehow, as I can still use my yahoo messenger and skype, but it only works for break off programs such as this. I can not do anything else on the internet such as browsing any pages or even open it. All of the shortcuts and files for the internet are broken from ANY point in my computer. I have checked the recyling bin and it is not in there either that I can tell. Yes, I've googled this problem and nothing will come up about it. Can someone please tell me for one, what caused this, and also how I fix it or get it fixed. Thank you so much.

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torpwelmeo : Run a system restore. If you are on XP go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore
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FriendEmily : Maybe your internet explorer folder is moved...if that happen delete the shortcut icon in desktop Search where the folder of internet explorer is located then open the folder find explorer.exe right click it choose send to Desktop(Create a shortcut) but if you move the folder again the shortcut will not function again because it cant locate where the application is.
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2timo : Try using system restore to go back to a point when IE worked.
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celtics22 : well im not rich so is it .possible to get the money in loans or something? if so how wld I go about doing that? how many years of college would I need? also is it really good money?
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Cryclorgo : Even with loans, you would still needs tens of thousands of dollars to buy a franchise. You don't need college to own a franchise......just cash, credit, and a business plan. Owning just a single location isn't going to make much money. People who make money from franchises own several locations.
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JohnMalkovitzch : First you dont need college you need start up cash you can save up get a sba loan find angel investor or find somebodybclose to partner with you
dunkin donuts is about 310,000 dollars you do better just starting your own company because you just buying into their brand good luck
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job85469 : You can start a Subway franchise for $15k, but you probably need some extra cash for other expenses. THat's a lot better return than a donut shop.
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jinlin8899 : I'm selling my iPhone 4 so I can get the galaxy s4. Where can i sell it & get paid good cash?
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sleemnavalolo : Well you cant do that...most smart people would not pay more for an IPHONE4 on how much it is really worth in stores.
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