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cooffcoasoli : I just updated my minecraft and whenever i try to sleep at night, i click the bed and it just going to a screen that says saving chunks. then whenever i try to click out of it the program crashes

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nostanomraw : Me & my sister run a business, if I took £100 out of the till during the day & brought some clothes say..., & didn't put the money back in, well.. At the end of the day, when we half the takings.. How much would I owe her?
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suigicagriels : <facepalm> And how much was in the till?
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ByncFausaBymn : You'd owe her £50.

That's the same as putting £100 back in the till and both of you taking £50 out each.

(This does not take into account how much was already in the till - as Fred points out)
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cdavidw : Reading this has just depressed me
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Sepecoagree : Well, seems to me it depends on what the takings are. For example, if they are 100, then you don't owe her anything as she gets it all since you took 100 so that'd make it even.
If they are 150, then you'd take 50 and she gets the rest.
Essentially, you have to "put back" the 100 you took and divide from evenly from there, but I'm not an accountant nor a math whiz.
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immekGive : Depends if what you need to buy is for the business. If it is directly for the business you should split the cost of whatever you're buying 50/50 under petty cash, so after the £100 has been taken out, you would just split the takings as you normally do 50/50 and that's it as you will have both then paid £50 each. If it is for you personally...add the £100 you have taken out of the till to the sum of your final takings for the day. Subtract the £100 from your half of the takings. That way it is fair so your sister doesn't end up paying for something you borrowed the money for personally.
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lwilliamb : Maybe you should let someone else run the business?
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intonearrigue : Stay FAR FAR FAR away from these schemes. They are designed to prey on the poor and ignorant. It's a no win situation.
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LoffVonosoomy : It's often a fraud. Approach with caution.
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