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zocbystvp : what is the safest program to download free songs

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Savannah_Hawaii : is proposed dividends included in a cashflow. is proposed dividends included in a cashflow
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uglg6n : Think about it: are they a movement of actual cash...?
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fryulgnlrlww : I do not have a driver's license what alternatives are there?
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HireeLarp : If you don't have a drivers license, does your school id have your picture on it. If it does take that, you could try that and your social security card, see if that works.
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toribhibblerg : In my county only a state issued photo ID is acceptable, they do not accept school issued ID.
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Tevyemalm : So I'm 17. I just got a job as a cashier but I recently
Discovered I have horrible anxiety around people. Like its weird to explain but like I felt just embarrassed and like everyone was laughing at me and like I was doing really bad at it and I was so confused. So I know I only worked one day but the whole time I was just freaking out and I felt so uncomfortable and no one was helpful to me. I want to know if there is a job for a 17 year old that isn't stressful. I'd love to work from home somehow if that is an option. I used to sell a lot of stuff on eBay and I made BANK. Like a ton of freaking money. So anything like that? Um if not I'm good with animals or kids but I'd love to steer clear of the cash registers. Not my thing!! I'm a hard worker though but I want some jobs that aren't stressful that I don't feel rushed and stupid at. A job maybe that not many people will show up at. Like a quiet dog boutique over a busy deli. Anyone feel me? Anything will help spark some ideas.. Thanks!!:)
OK ANOTHER EXAMPLE: like at an amusement park where u might have to help kids onto rides and press a button to start the ride .. Like a job that doesn't require too much brain power lol
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Allolacib : .................................
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StoomyTog : If I knew you, I'd gladly hand over tons of items for you to eBay for me. It sounds like your are good with that and have the patience for the whole process. Ask around, people your parents age would probably love working out a deal like that. It's just one idea but could be a decent side business.
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Effitswes : Produce. Any produce department in a food store like Giant, shoprite, or Acme. Any grocery store. Its mad easy and you don't have people watching you all the time and you basically get to work at your own pace.
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