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Cryclorgo : i've been trying to make small clips on photoshop, but it turns out super grainy and poor quality (even at a small size). perhaps i am doing something wrong? or what is an easier program/website that converts clips into animated gifs? thanks for your help! (also include what the needed video file type needs to be: .mov, .mp4, .flv, etc.)

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stuartfish : My daughter took it upon her self to use my ebay pay pal and didn't even ask me. She doesn't think she did wrong. Am I over reacting? I think she was being sneaky what do you think? She gave me the money after the fact and she's 15 years old.
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nunkCurpittee : She payed for it what's the big deal?
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elsebeth9 : If she gave you the money and told you then it's not being sneaky . Come back when she uses it and lies about it .
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csyez011 : No id be mad too but if she paid you back then I really dont see a problem yeah she may have been sneaky but what teenager isnt
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malborosek : I guess you could talk to her and tell her she should ask first before using anything that is not hers. Make sure she doesn't do this again! :)
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bystryzbyssus : She should have asked you first before ordering. What would you have done if you bought something that hadnt cleared yet and she took it upon herself to buy something and when everything cleared you were negative, or rejected for lack of funds? Having cash isn't the same as having "online cash" she was wrong. And immature. But at least he paid you.
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Shietlewappal : The total amount must show you are even plus the amount you collected. Not related to the number of each denomination.
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sherSarlefs : Is it a busy store? Then I'd say 40 ones, 6 fives, 2 tens, 1 twenty. If it's slow, 20 ones, 4 fives, 2 tens, no twenties. Don't worry about the coins. If you start from scratch each morning, one roll of each.
If you run short of bills, call for change. Always, always, always sign out when you step away-even for a second-and make sure no one knows what code or pin you use to log onto your register. If anyone else knows it, get another and don't share it with anyone. I don't care who asks for it. When bills are brought to you as change, count them. If it hurts the feelings of the person who brought it, that's their problem.
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rebecontannyM : Before? This is hard to say, and depends on the policies of your store.

We have a minimum amount that needs to be in the drawer when you open; it's primarily to make change for a few $100 sales, so includes a few each of 20,10,5; and 30 singles.

Loss Prevention occasionally "salts" bags/drawers with additional amounts, which are carefully tracked (all bags are carefully tracked). This helps our store focus on employees who are identified with poor cashiering skills.

At the end of the day, the cash drawer turn-in must equal the sum of the cash sales rung through the register plus the salted/unsalted beginning amount. End of story.

You might be counting your return change wrong, you might be dyslexic, you might be stealing - we don't know, - and really, don't care - it's just that we know that we can find somebody else that MIGHT be more attuned to returning the correct till as verified against the tape every night.

It is a business, after all.
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