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guccioutlet1 : can anyone tell me how to delete internet explorer 8. they told me to go to control panel, than to programs and feuters then to view intalled udates, and to look for ie8 but i cant find it. plz help me

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treponaciyacharto : Go to the control panel and uninstall all components of IE 8.
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UglyLloydlty : why doesn't apple spend it's 60billion excess cash?
1) increase overall wage?
2) give out dividend?
3) Reinvest into company (R&D)?
4) Increase their treasury stock?
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Snilegriercep : Put my card into a cash dispenser{RBS} requesting £60 it only dispensed £40 bank says the machine balanced when checked...denied any responsibility ...I have been with this bank for nearly forty years what can I do....having been met with blank indifference...There is a principle here
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Dopsgroolla : ask to speak to the manager someone higher up. you might have just gotten a teller that cannot do a thing
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brertrileax : There may indeed be a principle, but is it worth it?

If yes, make a formal written complaint.
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Halliepaolo44 : E1-7 Thornton Computer Timeshare Company entered into the following transactions during
May 2012.
1. Purchased computer terminals for $20,000 from Digital Equipment on account.
2. Paid $4,000 cash for May rent on storage space.
3. Received $17,000 cash from customers for contracts billed in April.
4. Provided computer services to Fisher Construction Company for $3,000 cash.
5. Paid Northern States Power Co. $11,000 cash for energy usage in May.
6. Thornton invested an additional $29,000 in the business.
7. Paid Digital Equipment for the terminals purchased in (1) above.
8. Incurred advertising expense for May of $1,200 on account.
Indicate with the appropriate letter whether each of the transactions above results in:
(a) An increase in assets and a decrease in assets.
(b) An increase in assets and an increase in owner’s equity.
(c) An increase in assets and an increase in liabilities.
(d) A decrease in assets and a decrease in owner’s equity.
(e) A decrease in assets and a decrease in liabilities.
(f) An increase in liabilities and a decrease in owner’s equity.
(g) An increase in owner’s equity and a decrease in liabilities.
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pacifikbad : (1) A comparative balance sheet and income statement for Eaton Company follow:

Eaton Company
Comparative Balance Sheet
December 31, 2011 and 2010
Cash$ 4 $ 11
Accounts receivable 310 230
Inventory 160 195
Prepaid expenses 8 6

Total current assets 482 442

Property, plant, and equipment 500 420
Less accumulated depreciation 85 70

Net property, plant, and equipment 415 350

Long-term investments 31 38

Total assets$ 928 $ 830

Liabilities and Stockholders' equity
Accounts payable$ 300 $ 225
Accrued liabilities 70 80
Income taxes payable 71 63

Total current liabilities 441 368
Bonds payable 195 170

Total liabilities 636 538

Common stock 160 200
Retained earnings 132 92

Total stockholders’ equity 292 292

Total liabilities and stockholders' equity$ 928 $ 830

Eaton Company
Income Statement
For the Year Ended December 31, 2011
Sales $ 750
Cost of goods sold 450

Gross margin 300
Selling and administrative expenses

Net operating income 77
Nonoperating items:
Gain on sale of investments$5
Loss on sale of equipment (2) 3

Income before taxes 80
Income taxes

Net income $ 56

During 2011, Eaton sold some equipment for $18 that had cost $30 and on which there was accumulated depreciation of $10. In addition, the company sold long-term investments for $12 that had cost $7 when purchased several years ago. A cash dividend was paid during 2011 and the company, repurchased $40 of its own stock. Eaton did not retire any bonds during 2011.

1. Using the indirect method, determine the net cash for operating activities for 2011. (Negative amount should be entered with a minus sign.)

Net cash operating activities$

2. Using the information in (1) above, along with an analysis of the remaining balance sheet accounts, prepare a statement of cash flows for 2011. (Amounts to be deducted and negative amounts should be indicated with a minus sign.)

(2) A comparative balance sheet and an income statement for Blankley Company are presented below:

Blankley Company
Comparative Balance Sheet
(dollars in millions)
Ending BalanceBeginning Balance
Current assets:
Cash and cash equivalents$ 39 $ 81
Accounts receivable 640 588
Inventory 650 610

Total current assets$ 1,329 $ 1,279

Property,plant, and equipment 1,505 1,484
Less accumulated depreciation 770 651

Net property, plant, and equipment 735 833

Total assets
$ 2,064 $ 2,112

Liabilities and Stockholders' equity
Current liabilities:
Accounts payable$ 260 $ 160
Accrued liabilities 180 170
Income taxes payable 77 72

Total current liabilities 517 402
Bonds payable 415 600

Total liabilities 932 1,002

Stockholders' equity:
Common stock 145 145
Retained earnings 987 965

Total stockholders' equity 1,132 1,110

Total liabilities and stockholders' equity$ 2,064 $ 2,112

Blankley Company
Income Statement
(dollars in millions)
Sales$ 3,700
Cost of goods sold 2,540

Gross margin 1,160
Selling and administrative expenses 880

Net operating income 280
Nonoperating items: Gain on sale of equipment 2

Income before taxes 282
Income taxes 112

Net income$170

Blankley also provided the following information:

The company sold equipment that had an original cost of $12 million and accumulated depreciation of $7 million. The cash proceeds from the sale were $7 million. The gain on the sale was $2 million.
2.The company did not issue any new bonds during the year.
3.The company paid a cash dividend during the year.
4.The company did not complete any common stock transactions during the year.

1.Using the indirect method, prepare a statement of cash flows for the year. (Enter your answers in millions not in dollars . Amounts to be deducted and negative amounts should be indicated with a minus sign.)
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